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Catcalling and Misandry: Here’s How Catcalling Affects Women


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Being a man-hater is a chosen attitude some women bagged in firmly with their lives for a couple of years. It is not just because of the failed relationships they always had, not just because of inequality issues, but also due to the consequent catcalls they get from walking on the streets. For some, it is out of bitterness that men who wouldn’t commit to them had them yearning for the false hopes they give, exposure to misogyny like the constant rape news we always see on TV when we were younger, and a long list of personal past experiences, so to speak.

According to Anthony Synnott Ph.D. of Rethinking Men, misandry is the hatred of men, or more broadly, the hatred, fearanger, and contempt of men. There are several levels, dimensions, and causes of misandry which we need to separate, though they tend to be all stirred up and muddled together in any given discussion. Most women fall under the category of the personal experience, in which Dr. Synnott claimed, “deep-rooted in our culture.”  He said that misandry is likely to be grounded, like misogyny, in bitter personal experiences. Many women say that that they have had unpleasant personal experiences with men: fathers, brothers, lovers, co-workers, bosses etc.; and he supposed that we have all been hurt by members of the opposite sex, and by members of our own sex too; however, to extrapolate from a minority to the general is surely unfortunate, even if understandable.

Since misandry and androphobia – the irrational fear of men – has taken its toll to the now known as “feminists” and bitter girls that have had their hearts broken, I thought of self-studying about the psychology of how men resort to this. I kept researching about “Why men act this way and that”, and found the answers through personal experience. That is, by being one of the boys – by being friends with them.

Observation-wise, I think most – not all, MOST – men lost the art of chivalry when pornography rose as a social norm; that being exposed to misogyny like the rape-role playing scenes present in porn are all natural things to do with girls in the act of intercourse. Maybe that’s the reason why feminists, advocating Women Empowerment, came to existence because chivalry, itself, already ceased to exist in this generation. For some women, they fear men because of being constantly catcalled.

A certain woman named, Maxine Mae Liwanag, posted a rant about what she truly feels on her Facebook Page regarding being catcalled and was published for an article to serve as the voice of women. According to Kicker Daily, she honestly said she feels scared and annoyed at the same time every time someone catcalls her. She asks, what should she do; [and] what should women do to stop men from harassing them.

Another account from a New Yorker named Danielle Page confronted every man who catcalled her for a week but didn’t end well. She said that,

“When you’re a woman [in] living in a big city, catcalling very rarely shocks you. Inevitably, it becomes an ever-present part of the background noise of the streets we walk down. We know it’s there, we hear what’s being said, but we keep moving in the hopes that the words somehow won’t touch us if we get far away fast enough.”

We can’t stop men from what they think or view of us, especially that we don’t have the same mindsets and line of thinking as they have. Sure, not every guy you meet in the streets are the same, but the fear intact in your mind gives you the stereotype about what guys we encounter would do; hence, the hatred – and the phobia.

Despite the fear ever evolving in society’s vicious system of inequality for both men and women, I happen to enjoy the company of men for some reasons. I learned a few things that made me wiser regardless of people’s judgments. For instance, you’d know if they’re in love with the person they’re dating when they open up to you, or if it’s just another booty call they don’t want to prolong. You’d know it by their gestures, on how they respond to a woman who regularly texts them with or without feeling something, and/or if they’re up to changing the rules when playing chess because they oftentimes just want to play games and enjoy the show. Don’t get me wrong, though. NOT all men are the same, that’s why I am having this testimony.

Being friends with boys (or men, in particular) would give you an evaluation; a hint or an idea of what they have in mind. Just as I do, I knew what my guy friends are up to when they’re at the bar chilling; making an impression to the girls they’d want to hook up with just by observing them and how they share their filthy senses of humor with me. I can already attest to what’s behind their way of thinking based on the impression some women give them, too. Perhaps, these women are not worthy of their respect, or if they were the first ones to make a move. Regardless, a man’s behavior is also based on what is shown to him, as they are polygamous by nature – they grab the bait, nonetheless.