Work On Screen: Here’s Why You Should Consider Freelancing

It has been a while since I last posted an article on this website. But for the record, let’s call this a “blog post.”

I never had enough sleep ever since I quit my job. That was my first job after graduation. And to be completely honest – although I’m super thankful to have landed a job that I needed to enhance my skills and eventual career path, I sort of find my job description slightly unchallenging in my own terms of “growth.” But don’t buckle yourself up – I’m not going crash you with a negative review. I’ve always loved my first job that I even refused to leave at first.

It has everything I wanted and needed in terms of the knowledge that I wanted to learn. My former boss even gave me the huge opportunity to handle a “business as usual” (BAU) account that enticed me to pursue a career in that field for my next job.

It’s not that I don’t want to be a writer anymore, it’s just that… I wanted to be something more. I visualized myself being the “brand” we used to call during our weekly cadences (meetings), and realized there, I’ve known who I wanted myself to be someday (aside from hopefully being a prosecutor and/or a corporate lawyer. LOL).

I wanted to be that; I wanted to be like her. I wanted to pursue a career in that field, and just make my writing skill a hobby… or at least, a freelancing skill I can do part-time.  

I did learn a lot about who I am because of my previous job; what career I want to pursue next, and what I really want in life. Thanks to my (technically) first job (because I used to work part-time for a fast food chain when I was in third-year college hence the word, “technically”), I found myself and who I want to really be. I would never trade that experience and realization for anything in the world.

So, thank you, Globe!

Since I have minimal knowledge in that field – though I do have prior ideas too – I realized I shouldn’t be applying for a position I don’t have any experiences yet. Call it anxiety, but I think it’s practicality. I realized I should learn first; may it be from a mentor or my own.

If the employer demands you to have digital marketing skills and the like for example, then you really must have at least some knowledge about it. One piece of advice in terms of constructing your resume ladies and gentlemen: never ever lie about yourself or your credentials. It may attract future employers, yes, but once they find out about you lying, it would impact your future reputation.

Though some people do it to land a job with a mindset, “I’ll just try to figure that out later on when I’m already hired,” some people still fail interviews when asked about what they know about the job (based from some acquaintances’ opinions). On your part, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself on your initial interview, would you?

While conventional methods tell you to read more and hire a tutor, here’s what I advise: become a freelancer. Why? Read along.


I had been working as a freelance writer at Upwork.com for the past two weeks right after I went back to my hometown, Bicol. Although I’m missing the corporate lifestyle and how cool it felt like meeting new people, this new experience made me feel more excited.

To be honest, the real reason why I initially wanted to work as a freelancer is that I still have bills (LOL). Aside from the fact that I still have to pay rent and more, I have this sort of guilt inside me whispering, “Hey, you’re aware you’re not your parents’ responsibility anymore, aren’t you?” Sure, that was quite conscientious, but hey, I’m guilty as charged it’s true.

A month before my last day, I was sort of panicking because well… I have my line contracted for 24 months, have bills to pay that are sure cannot be shouldered by any-who, my piano lessons’ balance, and my Manila-Legazpi/Legazpi-Manila fare.

Ha! Why did you even resign on the first place, Camilla? Way to go!

But here’s the thing: Freelancing will teach you a lot of things – from the core attitude it will require you down to the skill you thought you’d never knew. Guess what? I’m actually writing this blog post to enrich my basic SEO (and conversational writing) skill, aside from giving you the piece of advice I learned in two weeks!

Well… I’m also client-free today so lol.

Kidding aside, freelancing would also teach you how to be initiative, intuitive, more passionate about what you do, and become smart. Soft skills aside, it will also teach you a lot more than what you currently know now, and learn things you never thought you’d be able to know inside your old job description. However, you, too, have to be wary of deadlines. Time management is a must!

About time management – I kind of admit I sometimes suck at this, especially when I’m too bombarded with workloads + if the projects are of urgency – but when my ADHD hits me up, I submit outputs on or (mostly) before the deadline. My point here is: DEADLINES ARE CRUCIAL! (Learned it the hard way. LOL). Even if you go somewhere else, submitting on time is a mandated policy. Plus, this will determine your capacity in handling time management. You’ll really learn that skill even without trying.

You can earn a large amount of bucks per project and per client is a major bonus too! Like, if for example you have three (3) clients and (3) projects per client, assuming the default fixed price offered by clients are of $50, you can earn $50 x 3 (because you have 3 clients) x 9 (because you have 3 projects per client) x the currency of dollar over peso which is 50php. Potentially, you can get $1,350 dollars or P67, 500 in a matter of 2-3 weeks (depends on when you finish your projects)!

Consider this equation for example:

X = your potential income
3z = your client
3y = your projects per client
$50 = sample price offered


X = [1 x 3z] x [3 x 3y] x $50
X = [3z x 9y] x $50
X =  (27zy) x ($50)
X = $1,350zy


*The “zy” or the (z)(y) stands for the client x the projects you, for example, work on.
*$1 is equivalent to 50php via dollar over peso conversion.

Converting the sum of the dollar into peso based from the conversion, the equation would be:

X = $1,350 x P50 ÷ $1 (cancel the dollar sign to obtain the peso sign)
X = P67, 500!

Author’s Note: Okay first of all… I am no mathematician so I assume you get the picture. But… DID I JUST DO MATH?! Correct me if my calculations are mistaken but, oh my gosh DID I just do Math?! Hahaha!

Kidding aside, I haven’t experienced being wide-eyed and giddy-giddy about that dollar sign on my eyes yet, but that isn’t possible for those who are hardworking and driven. I’ve known people who’ve already achieved this income. In fact, they’ve already achieved more than what you expect! Some of my closest friends who wholeheartedly volunteered to teach and help me out in freelancing since day one have this as their bread-and-butter-s. More so, they are able to be with their children, husbands and/or wives because their time is theirs; they can play Barbie dolls, watch car movies or cook lunch or dinner for their families while working. They work whenever they want to.

I am still on my ongoing journey on freelancing yet, but let me repeat: This isn’t impossible to anyone who wants to try! Like what I’ve said earlier, you can and you’ll learn not just the hard skill you aspire to learn more and the soft skill you can bring anywhere – the “hardworking” and “driven” attitude included – but also the huge potential income you dream to earn.

Going back to skills both soft and hard (no pun intended), you will also find out the essence of exploring beyond the things you only know through self-learning. One quick story:

To be honest, I am writing and composing this post because I want to try out my recently-downloaded-from-about-two-weeks-ago SEO software. Apparently, I have no budget to finance my Google AdWords account to have my software activated for my basic trial (which sucks, really) and enough money to upgrade to Version 4 premium, but I kind of learned how to navigate things on my own.

Apparently, I already have the basic know-how-s of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before I even got hired on my first job, thanks to some good ‘ol friends. I was truly enthused to work for my first employer when I also found out that they practice the same! I was not part of the team though but hey, they did teach a lot about it on our first (and apparently MY last) seminar, and I was too happy to learn more about it.

When I learned the basics, I explored it for myself and was slowly able to learn what I needed and wanted. Too bad I don’t have the budget to fully do it and the accurate tools to use for. Sad.

Going back.

If you’re a person like me who’s really in it to learning new things, then this is the real deal. If you’re very intuitive and passionate about being flexible and versatile – that’s my mantra, actually. I never wanted to be stagnant at only one skill – then be a freelancer. I had been an offline freelancer from 2014 to present, and honestly, the experience was all worth it. I wrote a variety of paper works that enhanced not just my skill but also my knowledge in just about everything, and I even got paid for it. Just like going to school but vice versa. I got paid while learning.

I was able to adopt the attitude I had in offline freelancing here at online which basically helped me a lot. As per rudimentary firsts, I’ve got my soft skills backed up!

If you’re a hardworking, passionate, driven and an intuitive individual who can rock things out, then this thang would be easy for you. You can even work whenever you want because your time is yours (except when international-based clients require you to go online during their time)! If you’re not, well, there’s no harm in trying! I am a starter who’s far from what I basically explained here previously, but this is what I am telling you: IT’S WORTH TO TRY!

In every ‘pros’ per situation though, there comes cons. If you’re a person who’s accustomed to staying up late at night doing nothing, then this job would be perfect for you. At least you can earn money by taking good care of your eye bags! But if you’re not (yet still wants to try), then you have to get used to unending palpitations from regular 3-in-1 coffees.

Most call-center agents’ dilemma, too, apparently. True story.

Personally, I am extremely torn between online freelancing and going for office-based jobs. I basically want to earn money while sitting back, relaxing, and sipping my favorite blended coffee while making use of my talent in writing (where I can also sleep my bum off whenever I feel like it). At the same time, I also want to pursue my dream career and vision of wearing corporate wardrobes, discussing projects and reports on board meetings and meeting new people. Hey, I may be a huge outcast, introverted, and am an anxious woman, but I also want to meet a bunch of people to meet-and-greet.

For now, I’ll leave you with this message instead: If you want to learn more and go outside of the box, then go for it – try freelancing!

There’s no harm in doing it, you just got to take the risk! After all, this is what you’ll also take outside of home-based jobs and work-from-home-s even if you don’t consider this: The risk!

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