NOCTURNES 2017: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Legazpi’s Halloween Party of The Year


Welcome to the lucid dreams and bedtime tales from the wonderful world of Nocturnes!

Ah, Halloween! That one holiday event we’ve all been waiting for!

I remember back when I was a kid, we had this sort of annual event (somewhere far away from Legazpi City) where all of the kids around town were encouraged to wear their best Halloween costumes. We’d go around “trick-or-treating” from houses-to-houses to gather candies, chocolates, lollipops… hell, it was one of the best time of my life!

But when we moved back to Bicol in 2006, costume parties and candies had gone with the wind. No more kids lining up as to who’d win the “best-dressed attire” of the night, no more candy bars, chocolates, even Pumpkin decorations and gloomy night lights weren’t found.

I thought what I had in childhood wouldn’t commence once more. Until HappyHut Productions’ Dance or Dye event in 2014!

That was the first Halloween party HappyHut has ever produced. If you can remember back then, Fun Runs in Halloween costumes and a rave party was seen. Along with heaps wearing their best costumes in the midst of waiting for the real event of the night, hell, I felt like I went back in time!

Ever since that time, “Halloween” has always been part of the annual theme HappyHut prepares, just like this year (2017)’s Halloween costume ball party.

Wouldn’t it be much more exciting to have both events in one night? Well, hell yeah!

HappyHut Productions has always been producing great, massive events for Legazpeños ever since its #GETSOAKED tours. And now with NOCTURNES, its annual Halloween event theme, channel your inner ghoul and ready your next costume party attires because you will be walking across the dreaming sands under the pale moon, through the dreams of countries and cities, past dreams of places long gone and times beyond recall.

Introducing Nocturnes 2017 Halloween Ball!


Hallow’s eve happens one time every year. And I have 5 reasons here why you shouldn’t miss this grandeur event:

1. Quality time with friends, even with friends-of-friends!

What I love about HappyHut’s events is that I get to be with my squad (which I don’t see quite too often now that we’re adults), while meeting some other friends at the party. The best part of it is when I get to know some other people in it too just by dancing and having a good time!

And who knows? Some of your long, lost peers might end up on the dancefloor too? It’s definitely a great time for a lot of catching up!

2. Lotsa Beers!

Hell, this is self-explanatory! I mean, who doesn’t love beer? ? Most especially when you’re just there, drinking and dancing your bum off with your favorite people. Who would ever refuse that? Well, if you ask me, I wouldn’t trade beer plus my happy people for anything else!

3. Everyone can enjoy the event… isn’t that far too cool?

This is the best part about HappyHut’s events. Adults aren’t the only ones who can enjoy tonight. Even kids can, too!

Thanks to Embarcadero de Legazpi, JNJ Productions, and RKG Productions, your regular rave party for the night comes with a morning ’til afternoon Thriller Run where everyone can be at their best attires for a massive Halloween parade.

Invite your kids to watch and/or be part of it. I’m sure it’s going to be the party they’ll always remember! I mean for a kid like me who loved Halloween ever since I’ve experienced one, it would definitely be their “one hell of an experience!”


3. Costume party, after-party!

Wanna see some of the most amazing costumes both made and improvised? Don’t miss this!

Back in 2015 (if only heavy rain didn’t ruin the much-awaited event), I remember seeing about 15-20 people in their best Halloween attires from the spookiest monsters to the sexiest witches. Models were set to parade and strut their costumes as part of the opening, and even there they would scare the hell out of you, which is actually both thrilling and exciting!

If you’re like me who can’t wait to witness this, I’ll see you there! ?

4. Opportunity to seize your long weekend with a blast!

Are you fresh from the urban jungle, waiting to relax and have some fun over the long weekend with friends? Well, here’s a refresher.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 is a special non-working holiday before All Saints Day and All Souls Day. So if you’re up for some trick-or-treating the adult style, this is the event for you!

Treat yourself to a night full of thrillers, beers, and good people to surround you. I know how exhausting work is, especially when you’re far away from home. Why not celebrate it with a night full of glamour, instead?

5. Freedom of Expression!!

Ah, this! I love this part of the Nocturnes Halloween Ball!

Everyone is encouraged to be at their best Halloween attires, whether you want to be a spooky phantom, a rotting Disney Princess, or simply your best party attire.

And whatever your sexual orientation is, whether you want to cross-dress for the night or simply want to wear a classic all-black suit, you’re free to go!

Nocturnes Halloween Ball 2017 happens on October 31, 2017 at Embarcadero de Legazpi Celebration Plaza from 7PM until sundown. For Tickets, you may contact 09159767520 or message / RSVP here. For more details and guidelines, follow the official HappyHut Productions page here. You may also message the official Facebook page for more inquiries. Produced by Embarcadero de Legazpi, this event is brought to you by HappyHut Productions and EVO Philippines.


Image of the official venue at Embarcadero de Legazpi Celebration Plaza. Photo Courtesy of Google / wowlegazpi.com.

See you there, dreamers!

Happy Halloween!



Ultimately The Best Combo Meal In Town: 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tap Secret

I had been planning to visit Tap Secret ever since I’ve tasted Chef Hanny’s Liempo on a birthday celebration back in April 2017. As far as I can remember, that was the first time I’ve known of Tap Secret, and that many of my Facebook friends were posting pictures of their check-ins, saying the food was amazing.

I couldn’t agree more! That Liempo pulutan Chef Hanny prepared back on that birthday bash alone was indeed fantastic! So I thought, what more could Tap Secret’s official menu offer?

When I was able to visit the old house at Velamor Subdivision Olbest Street yesterday, I wasn’t proven wrong! The food – most especially the Laing Pasta – was indeed superb! I can’t wait to go back again!

And do you know why else should you visit this famous local joint everyone’s been talking about? Here are 5 reasons why:


1. Excellent Customer Service

While I was eating at the diner yesterday, I figured how hospitable and genuine Chef Hanny Bulalacao (the owner of Tap Secret) was. While talking, serving and getting orders from his new and regular customers, I noticed how he also makes friends with them and get honest feedbacks for the betterment of the eatery.

For a boss like him, I was indeed impressed by his business ethics. I also thought that it was a pretty down-to-earth thing to do especially when he helps his staff on their errands as if he’s one of them.

Chef Hanny’s a very kind and humble philanthropist too by the way. Every year during his birthday, he cooks food for homeless kids and give out donations of school supplies, toys, used clothes, and more. He arranges these events as part of his celebration. He’s a real blessing to these kids!

Anyway, what I even liked about Tap Secret more is that his staff are super friendly. They give you what you need before you even ask them to. You should consider adding Tap Secret to your go-to eateries!

2. Mouth-watering food at a very affordable price!

What we’re all after, aside from eating good food at a known local joint are excellent customer service (check!) and affordability. Guess what? You can get them both here!

I love how at P99, you can enjoy a very tasty meal in a platter along with one (1) FREE fried rice! Yes, you’ve read that right, folks! FREE one (1) fried rice for only P99!


Taken this with no filter, ya’ll!

Yesterday, I ordered this scrumptious Lechonsilog meal with one (1) FREE fried rice. Yes, I know, rest in peace diet but, come on! It was worth it! ?

I love how tender and crispy the Lechon kawali was! Chef Hanny has really done an amazing job in cooking and serving these cuisines as if they’re made from the heart. Well actually, you can really feel it with your own taste buds if you must try!

I was also able to try Tap Secret’s, Laing Pasta. Laing is a Bicolano veggie cuisine cooked with coconut oil or cream in dried Taro leaves. Here at Tap Secret, not only can you taste a well-done one, but can also taste it in a serving with a dish we all love (pasta)! Plus, you can set the level of spiciness as much or as less as you prefer! You can just talk to Chef Hanny about it.

If you’re not a fan of veggies, you might want to consider trying this and change your mind instead! It’s totally worth it, even my mom loved it (took out some)!


I tried the solo meal yesterday, served for only P55! For Bicolanos out there in the urban jungle who miss home, and just want a taste of our local veggie dishes that aren’t served out there, you might wanna visit this place before going back! This dish will actually make you feel as if you’ve never left home! This really is a must try! Best served with Chef Hanny’s tastiest cordon bleu, along with a Coca-cola or Royal soda for me. Hehe.

Here’s the actual photo I took yesterday:


Note: This isn’t the actual serving of the P55 solo meal.

3. FREE veggies to partner the meal of your choice!

Aside from the free fried rice you have every time you order, you can also get FREE veggies to partner the meal of your choice! This all depends whether or not Chef Hanny’s cooked some, or if he’s in the mood to experiment and try-out possible inclusions in his (future) menu. My visit yesterday was quite unexpected, though I have known of the freebie, but was I in luck indeed!

Yesterday, I was feeling pumped with the FREE gulay na santol (Santol fruit cooked in coconut milk) I had along with my regular Lechonsilog. It tastes really good! Matches the old combination we always want for lunch: beef/pork + veggies!

I was feeling super busog, I didn’t even think of the diet I was working on for two (2) weeks! It was worth it, you should try to visit here sometime. I mean, where else can you find these super meals at a very affordable price?

4. Serves freshly-cooked food

This is self-explanatory. You get the freshest food out of the kitchen. You don’t get served cold, just a fresh, and a well-done one.

5. Cozy dining place where you’ll feel at home

And, you can even catch your regular noontime shows while having lunch! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy eating your favorite meals, or even while you’re waiting for your food to be served.

Tap Secret opens from 9 AM until 8 PM from Mondays to Fridays at Velamor Subdivision Olbest Street, Albay, Legazpi City. Sometimes, when Chef Hanny’s out for an errand, he posts TS’ opening and closing time on his Facebook account. You can follow his posts here, and to also know more of Tap Secret’s newest additions, opening, and/or the latest reveals and/or discounts! Check out Tap Secret’s official Facebook page here, too.



Me with Chef Hanny Bulalacao, owner of Tap Secret


Find out what the TAP SECRET is, and know why it’s called, “The best combo meal in town!”

Bon Appétit!

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From Bully-Victim to Dreamboat: 3 Thoughts I Had On Marlou “Xander Ford” Arizala’s Transformation

The former Hast5 member, Marlou Arizala, now known as “Xander Ford” is now making rounds on the internet with his new and improved looks. From the guy who was bullied for his not-so-good looking face to this gorgeous, looking lad, I’d say many of his haters have gone cheering for the boy during his first appearance on tonight’s Rated K show as “Xander Ford.”

Early in September 2017, Arizala announced on his social media account that he will be undergoing a plastic surgery operation. Although he didn’t give his followers some gist and further details, tonight’s show on Rated K did leave the whole world in great awe of the former’s transformation.

But I’m not here to tackle about the surgery’s behind-the-scenes or what-not. I’m here to tell you the 3 things I noticed upon seeing his transformation post-mortem:

1. The Marketing Strategy

Okay, first off.

Is it me, or are you NOT paying attention to how awesome the marketing strategy of Icon Clinic was? For a young individual like me who pursues a career in marketing, I deeply commend the clinic’s Marketing Team for a job well done! Not that I’m condoning Marlou’s looks even more, but I just couldn’t help but give praise to whoever thought of that strategy!


You see, folks, Marlou didn’t actually think of having plastic surgery to change himself because if he had, he would have done it the first day he was cyberbullied. Obviously, there were sponsors for this. And apparently, any businessman or woman wouldn’t just give off free service to someone they couldn’t benefit from, especially if the brand itself isn’t much known in public. Unless the company earns an annual revenue of 30 Billion, we can’t tell it’s a philanthropic act. The business needed their ROI (Return of Investment) too, so of course, they would invest it in marketing and advertising.

What really amazes me is the fact that they’re the only ones who had thought of capitalizing on Marlou’s situation (given his reputation as the kid who was cyberbullied for his looks). Not only can the clinic benefit from this transformation, but also the Sunday night show’s ratings, and the former:

a. The Icon Clinic’s brand gets advertised for brand awareness, imbuing the reputation of being able to transform one “ugly” duckling into a “beautiful swan”, and proves the efficacy of their brand despite the alleged issue of Shiryl Saturnino’s death,

b. Rated K’s ratings would elevate due to the number of bashers and “abangers” who looked forward to the transformation and;

c. The lad, himself, for the self-esteem and confidence he can now enjoy.

This sponsorship/ex-deal partnership is a win-win on all parties. Isn’t that too amazing, or is it just me?

2. Most People’s Misconceptions

I’ve had enough of seeing comments telling Marlou that, “he should have stayed the same,” “he should have not changed his looks because whatever he does, he’d always stay the same” —– DUDE. Are you even paying attention?

I am never a fan of Marlou. But can’t you see? When your self-esteem has been attacked, you can never win the odds. This is usually the root of all depression and anxiety. Marlou may have just been strong enough to accept criticism and insults from people he didn’t do anything to. And for you to judge him for doing this? I bet you hadn’t experienced cyberbullying at that cost.

And if you think Marlou only “acquired” his transformation solely on sponsorships and shouldn’t be “too proud” of it, go back to my item number one and figure. There’s a reason he only has done it ‘now.’ 😉

3. The Hypocrisy This Society Imbues

Marlou is a public icon who isn’t approved by our society’s judgmental culture. This only proves how Filipinos give too much importance on the superficial. From “Mamatay kana Marlou nakakadiri yang mukha mo” to “Xander Ford anakan mo ‘ko,” isn’t that something we should all be alarmed of? I mean, look at (y)ourselves! And how hypocrisy takes its toll on all of you. Can we all just focus on positivity and peace instead of bringing people down?

Say, for example, this Arci Munoz thing and her nose job. You judge Arci Munoz for having her nose lift because “she isn’t the same Arci we all loved,” and praise Marlou for having his nose done. Isn’t that kind of ironic the last time you were praising the former and bashing the latter for the same damn thing? Do people really care about looks and how good you should look on TV now?

I understand they’re public icons, and you have the “freedom” to express your opinions (or so Article 3 Section 4 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution says). But there’s a huge difference between expressing your opinions and bashing them for what you don’t accept. Go figure.

Blaming them/him for their decisions shouldn’t be your parameter of criticism, but rather, your basis on how frequent you assess and/or critic your GMRC-s. Are you happy putting people down? Does it really affect you that “what you see isn’t what you want to get?” Are they jeopardizing your free will and humanity for doing what they want to do with their lives? Tell me.

You, people, created insecurity out of this poor, little boy, who only wanted to pursue show business to help his family. He even embraced the fact that he was “ugly” just so he could gain followers from social media to promote his career. Why are you so confident, so eager to judge him for that? Does it annoy you too much?

Let me ask you. When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Can you tell yourself the same thing you tell this kid? If you can’t, then you have no amount of right to judge him for doing what he wants. Because basically, it’s his life, not yours.

To Marlou / Xander Ford,

Even if you have your looks changed, I hope you may still stay humble, and never become conceited. Although I sympathize you (with a heavy heart) for putting up with those people who bullied you and just went along with it, I do admire you for being strong; not taking their shit nor allowing those nincompoops get in your way. I just hope you stay humble and kind. I may not know you in person, but I think you are a good one.

God bless you all throughout your career. Peace!


Photo courtesy of Star Image Artist Management