Ways to shut anxiety out
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KICK ANXIETY AWAY: Here’s A Never Before Seen Solution To Shut Anxiety Out


It’s not easy.
It’s not an “all-in-your-head” theory.
Neither is it an excuse for a person’s misery.

Photo courtesy of Xavier Sotomayor

It’s not easy.

I know how it feels like having no one to talk to or understand what’s really going on in my head.

I’ve also been battling over my never-ending and recurring thoughts about me, not being good enough. Just like you, I also feel like the world is always against me and my life, that whenever I get a little amount of courage to pursue things I think I’m good at, there’s this tiny, little voice whispering to me otherwise.

Sometimes, I bite my nails. Sometimes, I take off dry finger skins around my thumb using my teeth that worsen it, but most of the time, I just shake… and tremble.

I tremble because I think I really am not good enough. I tremble because I feel there are lots of other people out there better and worthy of the things I’m trying to succeed on, and I’m in no position to even compete. Hell, even writing this blog post makes me tremble to the point that I think this isn’t even worth publishing! There’s this little voice stuck inside my head ever since I was a kid that what I do, or what art I create, feels unworthy of sharing, that’s why I always kept my sketches, poems, and even songs, to myself back then.

Listening to that tiny little voice inside my head feels like a monster trying to eat me up inside. Just like how it was a little while ago when I was trying to share my Facebook page to friends and acquaintances because I kind of want to share the recent poems I wrote, I found myself refusing to click on the call-to-action button that says, “Invite” unless they really were a close friend.

There are also times when I overthink things like, people not responding to my chat messages, not knowing they’re just asleep with their WiFi-s turned on. Other times, being invited by my cool friends who love me also feels like a philosophical question with such an indefinite answer. I’d always think that I’m undeserving of such invitation, that I wallow over my thoughts and sleep it off instead of just hanging out.

But things had changed when I started to see that there are people willing to lend a helping hand to people like me (us) who’s drowning in their fears. There are people willing to light lanterns up in the sky so we can get out of the woods and find our ways back. There are even people willing to help us fight our own demons and come out of our own insecurities. And those are just exactly what we need.

I know you also want a solution to this. You wouldn’t be reading this far if you weren’t.

But, hey. I can give you that solution to end your never-ending menace. It’s hard not being able to understand what you truly feel when your thoughts had already overpowered you. And it’s not an easy task battling over what to do next: to ignore it or to believe it.

Recently, I’ve discovered something that could help you and me combat this nuisance. This online course will teach you a lot more about anxiety, what causes it, how you can cope up with it, and how to help yourself heal.

Thanks to Duff The Psych’s new online course with a lifetime access, you can finally be able to see, know, understand, and cope with anxiety without ever having to go through the anxiety of “bugging” a friend.

Duff The Psych is a website owned by Dr. Robert Duff, a licensed psychologist in Southern California specializing in psychotherapy and neuropsychological testing with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has written two (2) books in the bestselling series (Hardcore Self Help) and hosts a popular weekly podcast on mental health. He has over 80k YouTube subscribers and gives inspiring TEDx talks on why using complicated language prevents us from reaching people effectively.

Through Duff’s online course’s Kick Anxiety’s Ass, you won’t be able to struggle whether or not to call a friend for help, as you will learn and know specific topics related to anxiety at the comfort of your home.

To give you a glimpse, here’s what you will be getting with the online course:

Kick Anxiety’s Ass Entire Curriculum

I find this online course personally convenient as I don’t usually go out of the house unless I feel my thoughts are trying to overpower me again. And unless my best friends ask me to hang or pig out either, I am never, for a second, leaving my room.

Another reason why this online course is convenient is that I don’t have to go through the anxiety of ever bugging a friend whenever I’m overthinking or depressed.

Whether to call a friend via phone call, hitting them on chat, or going to the doctor to pay over a thousand buck per session was also my struggle way back!

Being an introvert myself, I don’t really reach out to people that much unless they approach me. I have this feeling that I might disturb them of whatever important thing they’re doing. And unless they’re really my close friends, I won’t initiate the chat conversation or the text message.

I also don’t pick up calls unless people tell me what the call is all about. So imagine the dilemma, right?

Gosh. I hate this so much. I really find this anxiety a real-time struggle that when it oftentimes succumbs me, I shudder. And when I feel lonely and disturbed by a sudden anxious thought, I just shed a tear or go to sleep instead.

This is a personal opinion based on experience, but do you know the reason why there are a lot of people who commit suicide? It’s because their thoughts and anxieties already succumbed them. Their thoughts and anxieties already succumbed them to the point where their brains drain the only positive energy that’s left in them. And when they feel drained, they literally feel “empty.” Hence, the depression.

When anxieties get severe, that’s when people feel depressed. This is a phase where a person just feels severely sad or lonely for no apparent reason. Thoughts like “being dead anyway” or “suicide” resort to being the ultimate “solution.” This happens when their thoughts had already defeated them, that the mindset, “being away or just killing themselves immediately” would be the easiest way out of their suffering.

To be completely honest? NO. It isn’t.

I’ve been there. I’ve been down that road before, and I am writing this blog post to prevent YOU from doing it.

Because it’s never the solution, even if it keeps coming back.

Being in the same dark path a year ago, coming out of it, going back at it again – heck, it’s one hell of a ride! But the best part in the journey wasn’t the coming out nor the getting up, it was BELIEVING that you ACTUALLY CAN come out, even if it keeps pushing you down.

I want to share this online course with you because I KNOW and I BELIEVE this could really be of help to each and every one of us. Not just us, by the way, even professional psychiatrists, and/or clinical psychologists can use this course as well for their future references!

Kick Anxiety’s Ass is initially for the people who are READY to make a change. It’s for people who are sick and tired of letting anxiety run the show and want their power back. It’s for people who are willing to put in the hard work and follow through concepts, ideas, and assignments outlined.

So, are you that person?

If you are, I recommend you get KICK ANXIETY’S ASS ONLINE COURSE NOW by clicking on this link! Or just click the image above.

This is also for the amazing doctors out there who want more and more advanced learnings for their new and future clients. This can help them more in their chosen field, so they can further study about the most prominent reason behind why there are so many people choosing to take their lives instead.

Just imagine this.

What if anxiety isn’t limiting you from doing exactly what you love?

What if it never (again) becomes a killjoy or a party-pooper for doing the things that always excites and motivates you?

There’s a reason why Avicii and Kate Spade, among many other suicide victims, did what they thought they had to do. And it breaks my heart knowing that not only they end up with this kind of situation. Because even us, teens, and young adults do.

If you think the course is too pricey, you can get it for $50 per month in four (4) months! Or, if you think you still can’t afford, message my Official Facebook page, The Hobbyist Post and I’ll give the FIRST THREE (3) PEOPLE the mechanics to a $25 DISCOUNT using my coupon code. That’s P1,325 OFF in Philippine peso.

You’ve reached this far, don’t hold back. You don’t know how strong you are for taking an immediate action to your dilemma! You acknowledge your weaknesses and is brave enough to conquer it. You can see what’s taking over your life, and is willing to get back up! You know you aren’t controlling your life the way you want to, and think now is the time you get YOU back!

And with that, I’m proud of you.

Hurry!!! Price increases after July 31st!


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