I started writing for Thought Catalog back in early 2016. At first, this is where I used to submit the articles Elite Daily had rejected. Who would have thought they’d be shared 10x the articles I’ve submitted to the former? My largest was a whopping 19.2k!

What I really love about writing for Thought Catalog aside from the opportunity to have my voice heard is that I got to personally email their Staff Writers and Editors. I submit my articles through Kendra Syrdal (and now Molly Burford) after having my first article for TC published. Kendra said on email that if I have articles to submit in the future, I’m free to send it directly to her. What a grandeur opportunity!

What’s really amazing is that I get to have constructive criticisms and comments from professional writers from them in New York (Thought Catalog is also a digital magazine publication with headquarters based in Brooklyn, New York, by the way)!! I learned a lot from them, while passionately writing about my feelings and thoughts.

For someone who tends to bottle up feelings and closes off herself from the excruciating judgemental society of this generation, this opportunity gave me the strength I needed to carry on. This opportunity allowed me to let it all out, at the same time inspire/motivate a lot of people like me to never give up. I love how some of my readers email me with their thoughts. It makes me more motivated to write because I knew my words had helped them compose and say exactly what they can’t. After all, that’s the goal of every writer, right?

Anyway, here are the articles I contributed for Thought Catalog:

Thought Catalog Camille Antonette Marollano contribution

This Is What It Really Means To Meet Your Partner Halfway Because It’s Not Just Compromise

When a person wants to pursue you, they’ll meet you halfway. And regardless of your differences or social status, when a person is into you, they will meet you halfway.

This Is What Being The Only Single Person In Your Group Of Friends Feels Like

This is what being the only single person in your squad feels like, because it’s not just about being the “odd one out,” it’s about being the knife to the spoon and fork.


These Are All The Types Of Love You’ll Encounter Before You Find ‘The One’

Second Love: Oh, this one. The love that’ll destroy you, wreck you, but will furnish you to become the person you’re meant to be.


To The Girl Who’s Become The Sidechick — You Deserve Better

Do you really think ‘this’ situation is what you deserve? Are you really going to be happy in the expense of having someone else hurt?


6 Reasons Why No Lady Ever Needs A Man To Validate Her

Ladies, have you ever let a man rain on your parades? Well, we all have gone to a situation similar to that. Thing is, it’s just not worth it. And you know it – we know it.


7 Things You Need To Keep In Mind About The Guy Who Ghosted You

Do not create something that will make your head explode. Create something out of it, instead. I suggest you go to Church and pray for whatever you two are going through.


Why Compromising Is Weak, And You Should Just Move On

You’d save your heart a thousand times from an excruciating heartbreak, and realize it’s better to be alone than be completed by someone who’s not even worth your time and attention. You’ll realize what you want and deserve thereafter, until the wrong guy comes back to you, begging on his knees.


Here’s my profile for Thought Catalog. You can hit contact up and email me with your thoughts! Gracias! 

Thank you, TC, Kendra and Molly!

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