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I Never Knew What They Said About “Going Back To What I Used To Love” Until I Started Recording Songs Again


This is how I slowly healed from my on-again-off-again depression because I never knew it really was “Going back to what I used to love.”

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10 Things I Learned That Helped Me Grow As A Person, Because It Was Also What Made Me Happy

Maturity isn’t forced, but you can always see if you’re on the road to growth. Here are the 10 things I learned that helped me grow as a person, because it was what also made me happy.

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This Is How God And The Universe Taught Me Another Lesson, Because It Involved You Hurting Me

God and the universe

We were meant to meet for a reason, and I was meant to love you for a lesson.

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Tawas Calamansi Papaya: How This Organic Filipino Beauty Product Is Kicking The Online Market Scene

tawas calamansi papaya all purpose cream

Know how this Filipino beauty product makes a difference amongst any other commercial whitening brand.

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Throwback 2015: Type X Production Goes to San Miguel Island!

Here’s one hell of a crazy adventure with the people I love during college; a throwback to when my friends and I lied about having a ‘thesis outing,’ when we actually just had the time of our lives before graduation.