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3 Things A Sentimental Girl Does When She’s In Love

She can write you a song. She can write a 7-verse poetry about you. More so, she can write an article about you. Whatever it is she can do for you using her passion, she can definitely pour her heart out being you, as her muse.

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How Music Has Something To Do With Nostalgia

While the discovery may help explain why music can elicit strong responses from people with Alzheimer’s, you also would know whether or not you have moved on from a past lover with what the auditory triggers.

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Finding Mr. Right: Why We Should Believe That Forever Do Exist And How The Right Person Is Determined

Finding Mr. Right is like finding an old coin you used to pay the ice cream man for a cone of ice cream and retrieving it back from the change of that dress you bought on a department store – you’ve already found them, but you weren’t able to see or notice them.


Carpe Diem: Why We Should Seize The Day And Make The Most Out Of It

People who engage, or are satisfied with mediocre complaints suggest, “May bukas pa,” but how are we assured of the possibility and the probability that there is still tomorrow to comply with the undone? How are we sure of the “may-bukas-pa” excuses if we do not know what the future holds?