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My Baguio-Nueva Ecija Trip: How The Last Weeks Of My December 2018 Went (A Super Late Post)

December 15 – 19, 2018

Going to Baguio City after like… 18 years?; and to Nueva Ecija was one of the most unforgettable and fun things I did with my roommates unexpectedly.

If only I knew we’d go here, I would have recreated these photos. 😂

I was just lying on my bed; wanting one hell of a long sleep, when my former roommate, Cherry, asked me to tag along to Baguio City. I’m not sure why that was, but I honestly didn’t feel like going. It was also one of my best friends’ baby shower happening that night, and I was also tasked to drop by at work before starting on January 2nd. So yes, all I wanted to do that morning was to sleep!

I was then talked out of my senses when Cherry and Jessica – my roommates – convinced me to finally tag along. Eventually, I said “yes” with us, having different agenda in the afternoon at first (I went to my soon-to-be new job, and my best friend’s baby shower and gender reveal, while the two of them went thrift shopping at Baclaran).

Before dusk, we also went to Mary Kay Makati where I officially became a Mary Kay Philippines Beauty Consultant. My certification was done the week after. You can read more about my MK Experience here.

At 8 PM, I went to my best friend, Ery’s, baby shower and gender reveal along with our college friends. I honestly didn’t know we’d be off to Baguio City at midnight. I was just texted we’d go after my mini-gathering with college friends. 😂

I thought we were leaving for Baguio the next day, I didn’t know it was going to be that night! So when we arrived at midnight in QC, we immediately packed all our stuff and went to Baguio. Cherry rented a van that time.

Here’s our back-to-back Baguio-Nueva Ecija Escapade on December 2018

Baguio City Itinerary

We went to check-in at Albergo, one of the most finest-looking hotel in Baguio. I swear, this was too beautiful for a hotel! It’s like a condo-type hotel with a complete set of furniture and kitchen utensils.

The bed was a cool double-decker where Jessica and I slept at the bottom bunk. It has drawer-like beddings underneath the queen-sized bed (bottom bunk), so if there was a need for an extra, say, a companion; (but of course we wouldn’t just let the driver sleep where we sleep), it can just be pulled out!

At lunch, we went to eat at Good Taste Restaurant where the food served were merely lutong bahay (home-cooked viands) and gulay (vegetables). Yum! 😋

In the afternoon, we went to Strawberry Farm to see some strawberries…

… and sunflowers…

And then proceeded to The Mines View where I did me some horse-riding… 😂

… and a dramatic pose on the view uphill… 😂 LOL! 😆

Then we went to The Mansion at almost 6 PM…

And finally the next day, at the famous Burnham Park…

It was freezing cold in Baguio City and some folks even told us it was ‘sunnier’ that time. Meaning, it could have been colder if we went some other day. 😨😂

I’m not sure how you can go to Baguio City via bus as we rode a Montero that time, but here’s a bit of information on how to get there via commute and/or private transport:

Via Commute

  1. Go to a Victory Liner bus in Manila bound for Baguio City. You can either ride from Pasay, Cubao and/or Caloocan. Regular fare is 450 Php (depending on the bus company).

Via Private Transport

  1. Take the NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) going to the SCTEX from Manila at Exit 85.
  2. Drive from SCTEX to Tarlac City, then turn left to a road.
  3. Continue driving until you reach Mc Arthur Highway.
  4. Turn right, drive continuously along Tarlac City roads and Pangasinan province until you reach Rosario, La Union.
  5. From Rosario, La Union junction, turn right to Kennon Road.
  6. Turn right again to Marcos Highway.
  7. That’s all the way to Baguio City. Just drive along!

Nueva Ecija Itinerary

Okay – so I’m not sure what happened AGAIN, but we all impulsively thought of going to Nueva Ecija as part of our roommate’s “job.” I’m not sure what she does honestly, all I knew was that we went there as well to have fun.

We arrived at around 9 PM and went straight to Villa Liza Resort and Restaurant to stay in for the night. Aside from having dinner, we went straight to sleep.

Mornings in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija be like…

… and BREAKFAST! 😍

Fried sunny-side up eggs, longganisa, and corned beef for breakfast

After breakfast photos be like…

And of course, by the pool-side…

I can’t give full directions on how to get there since we were using a rented car to go straight ahead. But here’s what I was able to get a hold of:

Full Address: Villa Liza Resort and Restaurant, Aurora Rd., Bongabon Nueva Ecija
Contact Number: 09494095323 / 0917 710 9600

We should be getting back to Manila by Monday morning but things got out of hand, and my former roommate asked if we could stay one more day. I forgot what the reason was, but the extended stay on Monday was spent going to Pantabangan Dam.

I looked chubby-AF there, though. 😂

Just by looking at this picture, the sunset with nature just feels serene-AF for me. It’s very heart-warming! I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but this picture looks peaceful. ❤🍃

Not to mention a VIEW with the waters feels divine! 😍 I am very in love with everything that is Pantabangan Dam (I am a super fan of the ocean, so waters like these make my soul feel good)! 😍💖

We extended ANOTHER night after Monday, as we went straight to Minalungao National Park after leaving Bongabon, Nueva Ecija for some sightseeing and exploration on Tuesday morning.

The view at Minalungao National Park was super amazing, I bet this is the REAL AND BEST highlight of our impulsive trip!

Here are some of my photos in Minalungao National Park

I posed like I was owning it. Hell-yeah! Haha. 😂

And this view? Dang! It’s a must-see! 😍

This one’s across the river near the cave. My other roommate, Jessica, and I would have gone to the caves if only dogs didn’t run after her that time! Hahaha! I literally ROTFL-ed that time as she even went to HUG a random stranger out of fear. 😂

Everyone was laughing including me! 😂😆

Here we are (with me overcoming my fear of heights), as we took our picture in the middle of the HANGING BRIDGE! 😂

And here’s me, and well… my favorite purple socks! 😂😆

If only we had one more day to stay, we would have seized it as there were TONS OF OTHER ACTIVITIES you can do here at Minalungao National Park:

  • Bamboo rafting and swimming
  • Walk the hanging bridge
  • Hike and/or Trek
  • Go Zipline!
  • Cliff Dive
  • Spelunking/Caving
  • And many many more! 😍

To get here via commute (because I wasn’t able to keep track of how our private transport went)

  1. Ride a bus from Cubao or Pasay (whichever is near to you) going to Gapan or Cabanatuan. Travel time is 3 hours. Fare is 150-200 Php, but I’m not sure if this still hasn’t changed.
  2. Afterward, ride a jeep to General Tinio.
  3. Then, ride a tricycle going to Minalungao Park. Fare is 50 Php.

You also have an option of riding a tricycle from Gapan to Minalungao park, but that’s around 500-800 Php at 1.5 hours average.

We eventually went home on Tuesday evening after all the extended travels.

To be completely honest, going on with this impulsive trip had caused me my work ethic. I went absent for so many days at work (I was on a pre-resign state that time), and I literally didn’t go to work on purpose anymore out of guilt. Hahaha! I know, I know. It was my bad as this wasn’t a good idea; I should have resigned properly yada-yada-yada (I swear it wasn’t as ‘easy’ as you think… but I also swear I won’t do that again)… but I won’t trade this soul-searching experience for a 9:30 PM – 6:30 AM job that only elevated my severe depression during (hence my short hiatus on blogging for almost 3 months).

This experience helped me breathe and find myself again. And I must say it is indeed true that ‘traveling’ really opens up your soul for brand new things to see. Traveling is really food for the soul; so when one tells you this, you’ve got to believe them as it did me.

Despite the judgment I’ve gotten for what I did for the first time, I wouldn’t trade this opportunity where I got close to healing. I wouldn’t trade this experience of healing my soul over some judgment that, “I don’t have a ‘proper’ work ethic” because THIS EXPERIENCE was what healed me from a job that only made my depression worse (throwing some shade aside).

This experience and opportunity opened up my eyes to ways on how I can deal with my deteriorating mental state moving forward. It’s not just about ‘traveling’ per se, although that’s part of it. It’s about the lessons, divine interventions, learnings, and growth along the way.

Ergo… every risk was worth it! 😊💖

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: What You Need To Know About This Infamous Ovarian Illness

I never have imagined how my life had turned-around when I found out I have PCOS in January 2017. Also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, this infamous illness has affected thousands of other women including me.

It was mid-January 2017 when I was chilling with high fever in one week. I really thought I was infected by dengue because knowing where I used to live in Taguig, our apartment was vulnerable to being infested with mosquitoes and cockroaches. As a matter of fact, I just got accustomed to living with those!

I used to live in the Southern part of Metro Manila when I used to work for Globe Telecom. The place looked as if I was living in Squatters area near a public market, transportation and many more. Imagine living in Metro ‘Tondo’ if you’re familiar with Tondo, Manila.

My college friends and I didn’t have much money to pay for a good-looking apartment back in the days, so we settled for that one.

Going back.

I never usually had a fever that long. If so, it would only take 3-4 days because knowing me and how I grew up, I have a strong resistance to sickness. I never usually get sick for the slightest of reasons; hell, I even blamed myself for ‘lying’ to my mom that I was sick so I can borrow money from her. I really thought it was a bad, bad jinx.

So my fever went on for almost a week when I suddenly went to St. Lukes’ Medical Center, BGC to have myself checked up. When it was my turn at Maxicare clinic (thank God I was still covered by my dad’s healthcare package), the doctor asked me, “When was the last time you had your period?”

I paused for a moment.

I re-thought of it over and over.

And then I realized… I last had it in November 2016! 😩

I told the doctor I was two months late when she asked me if I was pregnant. I told her “no” because I never had sex at that time. Until she asked me to get checked by an Obstetrician instead of prescribing me meds for possible Dengue infection (I thought it was Dengue because my roommate had dengue and she was also sick with fever for almost a week).

That was when I discovered I had PCOS… 35 cysts at each ovary.


“Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (aka PCOS) affects over 7 million people. That’s more than the number of people diagnosed with breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus combined.” ~ Louise Chang, MD

It’s really sad that PCOS is common among women my age, and only a few people know about this illness. Although the awareness of this illness is growing from time to time, it is still quite inevitable how it is still unfamiliar to those who need to know it the most.

So what really is PCOS, so to speak?

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an illness caused by hormonal imbalance. This means that the testosterone level (male hormones) is greater than of estrogen (female hormones); which leads to irregular menstruation, weight gain, hair growth (hirsutism), etc.

According to holtorfmed.com, the exact cause of PCOS is still unknown, however, genetics and health are major factors. It is stated that “factors such as stress and poor diet can upset the balance resulting in “insulin resistance.” In this case, the cell does not respond to the insulin, causing more to be released, and ultimately creating a surplus in the bloodstream. One study estimates that 65-70% of women with PCOS are obese and have insulin resistance. Genetics are a contributing factor as well; however, diet and lifestyle generally have greater influence. Women with PCOS are also vulnerable to diabetes due to the higher insulin level.

Symptoms of PCOS may vary, but here are the most common effects on a woman with PCOS

Irregular Period

Just as I do, it isn’t normal when a woman has an irregular period because there are monthly cycles to that should be kept track on. And unless you’re not following any of that track, you need to get checked up ASAP!


I honestly am glad I ain’t prone to too much acne, but this is one of the most common things with a woman with PCOS. If you want to get rid of those, you can try my Fairy Skin Derma Facial Set as it proves to really and seriously eliminate all the dry and emerging pimples in your face.

You really can’t stop having pimples, but at least you can try to overcome it by eliminating it.

Weight gain

This is what I’ve always struggled all my adulting life – weight gain! You seriously need a proper diet and exercise if you want to lose weight.

Actually, confidence isn’t really what matters here anymore. That just comes second! What matters here is your health, because aside from PCOS causing infertility to women – which is a fact, weight gain may even contribute to that.

No, you’re not barren – you’re just prevented from procreating easily (reduced fertility). And if you want to start a family and this isn’t treated well, this could cause a problem between the wife and spouse.

Apparently, it’s one sad fact that causes marriages to fall down. I wrote it in an eBook as to why it can happen. You can go read it here.


Hirsutism is excessive body hair in men and women on parts of the body where hair is normally absent or minimal, such as on the chin, chest, face or body. Usually, this can make a woman grow a beard, or her armpits look ‘hairier’ than normal armpit hairs for girls.

I actually have this, and it’s really really annoying. My unwanted armpit hair usually looks thicker than the usual armpit hair I see from my girl-friends, and it really grows massive! I try to wax it religiously every month, and even though I don’t have dark armpits, I usually look as if I have one!

Darkening of skin

As mentioned, darkening of the skin happens with a woman with PCOS. Dark skin patches usually occur around the armpits, groin, neck, vulva, elbows, knees, knuckles, and lips.

To be honest, despite being too nitpicky and careful when it comes to my skin, there are really areas of my body that need full attention! I hate that I have to look as if I have dark underarms, elbows, knees, and more due to my PCOS. Not to mention, there’s this stigma when something’s “off” or “dark” around your body, you aren’t “hygienic.” 😂

That’s not actually a concern, but that’s still annoying, right? 😂

Anyway, truth be told, the darkening of some parts of the skin is linked to hyperinsulinemia with acanthosis nigricans (AN). It also has a relationship high androgen levels in women.

According to Sepalika,

… the presence of these dark, velvety skin patches is a sign of abnormal glucose tolerance in women who have PCOS. And if you are obese, your risk is even higher. In select few cases, medications commonly prescribed for PCOS like birth control pills, thyroid medication, corticosteroids and growth hormones can also trigger Acanthosis Nigricans as they cause changes in insulin levels.However, the good news is that once you treat the underlying condition, i.e. insulin resistance and lose weight, or change your medication, these skin patches tend to disappear.

If you have dark underarms or anywhere around your body due to this, I suggest you use the ever-amazing Tawas Calamansi Papaya by Goddess Touch. I used to use it on my face, and sometimes in my armpits, and I can see visible results in just 2 days (with the latter)!

You can go get that here.

Mood swings

While it’s true that we, women, are all savage, hungry and ANGRY during menstruation, it is a lot more depressing and stressful when you have PCOS.

I remember totally acting up with my dad at a local fast food chain because I felt “offended” over something I think I overreacted about, and I ended up cursing everyone at home, even my grandparents! Like seriously, I was ravaging them with my hurtful words and then the next morning, I had my period. 😂

Thank God, my grandma just understood (I didn’t know I had PCOS that time until a year AFTER).

But going back, mood swings are a lot more often with women with PCOS than normal women. And it became far worse when I took up a BCP!

When I had my checkup back in 2017, my doctor recommended I use a birth control pill to regulate my menstruation. It made me super fat that I had to stop it! I don’t know if it’s because I abruptly did without following the three-month rule she [the doctor] advised, or was it because the BCP made me too eager to eat, but it caused me severe – MAJOR – depression and anxiety I will never forget.

It took me losing my job, going back home, experiencing the worst year ever, and so on. I’m just thankful I survived a lot after that but hell no, I won’t go back on using a BCP! 😭💔


Infertility in women because of PCOS is caused by the absence of ovulation. Most of the time it’s less frequent, but this is because the cysts in the ovaries block it from producing more eggs.

As mentioned, I wrote about more of this in my eBook, which you can go find here.

In conclusion

PCOS may sound simple but, it is hard and frustrating. According to research, women who suffer from PCOS find it hard to seek answers with regards to this illness. They tend to be diagnosed by at most five doctors before they really know how PCOS affects their health and how they can prevent it. It also has lower budgets provided by the government compared to other illnesses that’s why PCOS victims create their own communities where they can freely share their experiences and inspire other victims.

There is no cure for PCOS. Fortunately, you can reverse PCOS by taking care of yourself! That is, by eating healthy through removing junk from your digestive system.

Also, avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Processed Meats
  • Sugary drinks
  • Fast food
  • Solid fat
  • Too much meat

For better skincare (if you’re really, really desperate to avoid what it can cause to your skin and take care of your it), you can use these products I personally recommend:

  • Tawas Calamansi Papaya – this is a Filipino-made organic all purpose cream that whitens dark areas.
  • Prolife Atlas 400 I.U. Vitamin E – this helps protect your skin against UV rays and damage by formulating collagen for your skin’s elasticity
  • BHK Vitamin C – usage of Vitamin C serves as an anti-oxidant that can help heal damaged skin and appearance of wrinkles
  • Or ask your dermatologist

It is also better to exercise daily and avoiding stress as much as possible.

Remember to always listen to your body; irregular period, weight gain, and acne shouldn’t be neglected. If ever there are any irregularities experienced, it is much safer and better to consult your gynecologist.

Stay healthy and happy!


Holtorfmed.com on signature skin conditions

Women’s Health

Very Well Health Skin Tips For Women With PCOS

Better Health 



I Never Knew What They Said About “Going Back To What I Used To Love” Until I Started Recording Songs Again

It has been three years since I last did this. And after a while — after not being able to even hold a guitar, write music, or even sing a song (due to hiatus) — I knew there was something that died in me. I knew something died to the point where I wasn’t able to do things as passionately as I had when I was still doing this.


I felt disinterested and demotivated on almost everything. Hell, I even got depressed for some reason! I didn’t know what happened, all I knew was that… I don’t do things as passionately as I used to before.

Someone once advised me to “go back” to “what made or what used to make me happy.” I thought that was going back to Bicol where my best friends and family are at to help me heal (which is true, of course), but I never knew it was something more.

Back then, I didn’t know what those words exactly meant because I took them literally. It did help me at some point, but there were times when depression keeps kicking in and coming back. I am also fully aware that there may have been times I had been affected at work that I even thought of, and resorted to, resigning from my awesome, high-paying job.

Prior to that, something severe came up that I had to write this song because I seriously had enough of life and love, hurting me over and over. Out of nowhere, I just thought, “Why not do this again?” So, I wrote “Lalayo o Maghihintay” using only my phone, tabbed my guitar when I got home from work and had this produced with my awesome-as-always music producer, JP Lanuza.

“Lalayo o Maghihintay”

Ako yung tipong
Babaeng lapitin ng macho’t gwapo
Ngunit paano?
Sapagkat ang ending di kayo handa’t seryoso

Gaya nung isang araw
Tayo’y naglalambingan minsan may pa-kiss pa
Magka-holding hands din
Pano na ba nga ako ngayong umaasa?

Kung para sayo’y “kaibigan” lang

Laging iniisip
“Ano ba tayo?” Araw-gabi
Ako’y dapat bang magtanong;
Ano o Bakit?

Hindi ko maiwas 
Mahulog sayong ngiti
Anong dapat ba sundin?
Giliw, lalayo o maghihintay?
Ah-ah. Lalayo o maghihintay?

At eto na nga tayo
Kung saan ako’y sobra ng in love sayo
Kinikilig sa texts mo
Pati na rin sa date sa sabado

Diba’t dapat nga may “label” na to?

Laging iniisip
“Ano ba tayo?” Araw-gabi
Ako’y dapat bang magtanong;
Ano o Bakit?

Hindi ko maiwas 
Mahulog sayong ngiti
Anong dapat ba sundin?
Giliw, lalayo o maghihintay?

Hindi naman sa nag-aassume ako
Hindi rin sa nagdedemand ako oh
Gusto ko lang na malaman mo ito;
Na mahal kita kahit na hirap na ako

Laging iniisip
“Ano ba tayo?” Araw-gabi
Ako’y dapat na bang magtanong ano at

Laging iniisip
Kung ayaw mo lang bang magpatali
O sadyang ako’y di mo lang gusto, oh bakit?

Ang nais ko lamang ay ika’y
Maging tapat
Sa’yong pangako’t salita
Giliw, ano nga ba ‘ko sayo?

Di maisip
Kung ika’y talagang umiibig sakin
Di mo ba alam ako’y nasasaktan
Na; Bakit —

Hindi mo ba kayang
Mahulog sa’king ngiti?
Ano bang iyong minimithi?
Giliw, lalayo o maghihintay?
Lalayo o maghihintay?

Ikaw yung tipong
Pinakawalan ang tunay na in love sa iyo”

When I first heard the first note of this composition produced, I was like, “Shit…. shit shit shit!” ? There was this ‘spark’ in my heart I knew I haven’t felt for a very long time. I almost cried when I heard this, and back there I knew something came back from the dead.


“I’m the type of girl
Whose good-looking men pursue
But I don’t understand why
Because neither of them was serious enough in the end

Just like a few days ago
When we were sweet and we were kissing
And we were always holding each other’s hands;
What about me now who’s counting on every false hope?

If, for you, this is just mere friendship?

I always think
“What are we?” Day and night
Am I supposed to ask you
What and why?

I can’t help falling for your smile
What should I do?
Baby, should I go or should I stay?

And here we are now
Where I am head-over-heels in love with you
Always giddy-giddy about your text message
Even on our upcoming date this Saturday

Shouldn’t we have a “label” by then?

I always think
“What are we?” Day and night
Am I supposed to ask you
What and why?

I can’t help falling for your smile
What should I do?
Baby, should I go or should I stay?

It’s not that I’m assuming
Neither am I demanding
I just want you to know
That I love you even if it’s hard keeping up

I always think
“What are we?” Day and night
Am I supposed to ask you now
What and why?

I always think if
You just didn’t want to be committed
Or maybe you just really didn’t like me;
Why is that?

I just want you
To be honest and true
With your promises and words
Baby, what am I to you?

I can’t really imagine
If you’re really in love with me
Can you not see how hurt I really am about this?

Can’t you try
Falling for my smile?
What do you really want from me?
Baby, should I go or should I stay?

You’re the type who let go of the person
Who could have been really in love with you.”

Because of my enthusiasm with this song and letting everyone hear this for free, I practiced, self-tutored, created, and made a lyric video for this so anyone who’d like to hear it can conveniently “listen.” On my part, I just thought of using this song to learn a new hobby (or skill) too. I was sort of into video editing and figured I have an installer on my laptop and thought, “Why not give it a try?”

Guess what? It actually kind of works. I actually knew now how to do basic editing in Adobe Premiere CC 2015, and a few more “troubleshooting” because of this idea. ?

Anyway, moving on. ?

JP and I were also able to produce “I Just Love You,” a song from my future Extended Play (EP), “Summer Love: Every Summer Has A Story,” which you can find the song lyrics here. The password is thehobbyistpost96.

This song is about the first guy I ever had an “almost relationship” with; the guy I felt like I lost and wasted my first kiss to. Lol. I was really in love and hurt back then (2012), that I wrote a song about it to let my sad emotions out. After six years, here it is.

Here’s the official 2018 version of my song, “I Just Love You,” recorded, mixed, and mastered on July 29, 2018 by the one and only, JP Lanuza. Originally written on June 7, 2012.

Thank you, JP Lanuza and Bicol X Studio for yet another collabs and for the rushed recording place. ??

muladbucad beach
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Throwback 2017: My ‘Muladbucad’ Soul-Searching Experience

I haven’t thought of this for a while, but there was yet another beach that fascinated me during my summer escapade last April 2017 – the Muladbucad beach!

muladbucad beach

Talk about another impulsivity, but it was when I went back to Bicol in March 2017 after I resigned at my previous job in Manila for 11 months. I don’t know why or how, but I suddenly felt depression kicking in when, this time, I knew there wouldn’t be a salary to look forward to every 15th and 30th day of the month, and that, my last paycheck could still be claimed a month after. Ergo, I was broke.

That was also the time I got diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in late January 2017 due to my on-again-off-again fever which didn’t stop for a week! I thought it was dengue until I decided to get checked at St. Luke’s Medical Center, BGC. Back then, my OB asked me to take contraceptive pills so my period would regulate. But since it was making me super fat, I immediately stopped the prescription.

In all honesty, that was what triggered my initial concealed depression, aside from the crucial diagnosis being the cause. But it was later that year when I realized it was because of the contraceptive pill I stopped taking. If you happen to experience delayed menstruations and irrational hormonal imbalance, you might want to check out this article to see if you’ve got PCOS too.

Anyway, going back.

Due to my unemployment, I decided to go back to freelance writing and editing academic papers. To cut the long story short, I landed a few jobs at Upwork, and had this offline client from De La Salle University (DLSU), Manila who paid me P5, 000 ($100) for three essays. I’m glad I helped her get a grade higher than she was expecting.

Since I’ve got spare money after paying my bills, I decided to go travel alone.  At first, I was rooting for Paguiriran Island in Sorsogon, but thought it was too far away from home. Eventually, after posting a Facebook status asking how to get there, my grade school teacher sent me a message recommending yet another option: the Muladbucad beach in Manito, Albay.

The night before, I bought myself a new one-piece swimsuit, snacks, a selfie stick, and packed money. Since my mom and dad didn’t allow me to travel alone yet, they told me to bring my brother with me.

Here’s the instruction on how to get there if you’re from Legazpi:

1. Ride a jeep going to Manito, Albay at the jeepney terminal located near the Legazpi Bus and Van Grand Terminal. If you happen to miss the ride, proceed at the back of Albay Cathedral.  There are jeeps you can find there that are on standby to wait for early passengers. It’s going to be a long 1 hour and 30-minute drive from Legazpi, so you better grab your breakfast before boarding.

2. Once you arrive at the Centro of Manito (Manito proper), rent a tricycle going to Muladbucad beach. That’s roughly a 15-30-minute ride.

You will end up on a small esikinita (lane) going to the beach as it is located underground. What’s cooler is that you’ll be experiencing free trekking until you hit the bridge where you can pay the entrance fee of P10 (¢2 cents) before you get there.

This is how amazing Muladbucad Beach experience was! It was really fascinating to look at!

See? I told you contraceptive pills made me fat! ??

The main reason why I did this is that I wanted to break free from stress and soul-search. I wanted to heal so bad that I really did end up going to places just to search ‘me.’ Glad it was worth every penny. And I’m GLAD I DID BRING my brother with me (although I shouldered all his expenses) because it really would be TOO boring to go alone.

We’ve had an amazing conversation about life, love, and all of that – which we rarely do nowadays due to our busy schedules – and had a good laugh with the local kids there, thinking I was a celebrity because they thought I looked ‘too beautiful.’ LOL!  ?

My brother and I went home at 1 PM and got back in Legazpi at 3 PM. We’ve had late lunch at Biggs’ Diner, Ayala by then.

Overall, this experience was amazing. Although I found it too boring because I didn’t go to the waters that much, and my brother and I didn’t have many itineraries to go to. The good conversation we had, the waves of laughter, good food, and the amazing view that deemed worthy was what saved us.

Actually, I didn’t swim much because I was scared to get tanned after ‘feeling traumatized’ from the sunburn I got on our San Miguel Island escapade in 2015… not because I didn’t know how to swim… which I actually really don’t. Lol. ??

I asked my brother to keep taking pictures of me, and I can’t believe the stolen ones looked better than the ones I actually posed for! ?

Here’s me on the crystalline part of the water…

… and there’s me on the seashore! LOL! ?

If you’re from Manila (or outside of the Philippines, having your vacation there and are interested to visit this unspoiled beach), here’s how:

Via Bus

  1. Book a 12-hour bus ride from Cubao or Pasay going to Legazpi, Albay (Bicol). Usual air-conditioned bus fare is at P800 – P900 pesos.
  2. Apply steps 2 and 3 from the “From Legazpi” directions.

Via Plane

  1. If you’re going for a plane ride, and touched-down Legazpi airport, ride a tricycle from the Airport exiting Airport road.
  2. Ride a Letter “B” going to Legazpi and drop-off at Pacific Mall, Metro Gaisano mall. You have the option to walk or ride the Jeep terminal there, so it’s entirely your choice.
  3. Apply steps 2 and 3 from the “Legazpi directions.”

Now, this is if you want to go there at a minimum cost. However, if you’re feeling excited to be there at the beach, you can always call for a taxi ride from the airport.

By the way…

I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate the beach much more as it is raw, untouched, and unspoiled, unlike any other white sand beaches. Muladbucad beach in Manito, Albay isn’t commercialized yet (or so it was in 2017), unlike that of Calaguas Island.

Everything feels serene, peaceful, and happy. It’s perfect for people who want to relax and have peace of mind. And mind you, there is no signal there, so if you’re literally escaping from the toxicity of the urban jungle, Muladbucad beach is one of the best choices!

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Party For A Cause: This Is Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Comeback Of #GetSoaked2018!

Party to save the ocean! Celebrate Legazpi City’s Ibalong Festival 2018’s fight against ocean pollution. Are you ready to #GetSoaked this August 18, 2018?

Ways to shut anxiety out
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KICK ANXIETY AWAY: Here’s A Never Before Seen Solution To Shut Anxiety Out


It’s not easy.
It’s not an “all-in-your-head” theory.
Neither is it an excuse for a person’s misery.

Photo courtesy of Xavier Sotomayor

It’s not easy.

I know how it feels like having no one to talk to or understand what’s really going on in my head.

I’ve also been battling over my never-ending and recurring thoughts about me, not being good enough. Just like you, I also feel like the world is always against me and my life, that whenever I get a little amount of courage to pursue things I think I’m good at, there’s this tiny, little voice whispering to me otherwise.

Sometimes, I bite my nails. Sometimes, I take off dry finger skins around my thumb using my teeth that worsen it, but most of the time, I just shake… and tremble.

I tremble because I think I really am not good enough. I tremble because I feel there are lots of other people out there better and worthy of the things I’m trying to succeed on, and I’m in no position to even compete. Hell, even writing this blog post makes me tremble to the point that I think this isn’t even worth publishing! There’s this little voice stuck inside my head ever since I was a kid that what I do, or what art I create, feels unworthy of sharing, that’s why I always kept my sketches, poems, and even songs, to myself back then.

Listening to that tiny little voice inside my head feels like a monster trying to eat me up inside. Just like how it was a little while ago when I was trying to share my Facebook page to friends and acquaintances because I kind of want to share the recent poems I wrote, I found myself refusing to click on the call-to-action button that says, “Invite” unless they really were a close friend.

There are also times when I overthink things like, people not responding to my chat messages, not knowing they’re just asleep with their WiFi-s turned on. Other times, being invited by my cool friends who love me also feels like a philosophical question with such an indefinite answer. I’d always think that I’m undeserving of such invitation, that I wallow over my thoughts and sleep it off instead of just hanging out.

But things had changed when I started to see that there are people willing to lend a helping hand to people like me (us) who’s drowning in their fears. There are people willing to light lanterns up in the sky so we can get out of the woods and find our ways back. There are even people willing to help us fight our own demons and come out of our own insecurities. And those are just exactly what we need.

I know you also want a solution to this. You wouldn’t be reading this far if you weren’t.

But, hey. I can give you that solution to end your never-ending menace. It’s hard not being able to understand what you truly feel when your thoughts had already overpowered you. And it’s not an easy task battling over what to do next: to ignore it or to believe it.

Recently, I’ve discovered something that could help you and me combat this nuisance. This online course will teach you a lot more about anxiety, what causes it, how you can cope up with it, and how to help yourself heal.

Thanks to Duff The Psych’s new online course with a lifetime access, you can finally be able to see, know, understand, and cope with anxiety without ever having to go through the anxiety of “bugging” a friend.

Duff The Psych is a website owned by Dr. Robert Duff, a licensed psychologist in Southern California specializing in psychotherapy and neuropsychological testing with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has written two (2) books in the bestselling series (Hardcore Self Help) and hosts a popular weekly podcast on mental health. He has over 80k YouTube subscribers and gives inspiring TEDx talks on why using complicated language prevents us from reaching people effectively.

Through Duff’s online course’s Kick Anxiety’s Ass, you won’t be able to struggle whether or not to call a friend for help, as you will learn and know specific topics related to anxiety at the comfort of your home.

To give you a glimpse, here’s what you will be getting with the online course:

Kick Anxiety’s Ass Entire Curriculum

I find this online course personally convenient as I don’t usually go out of the house unless I feel my thoughts are trying to overpower me again. And unless my best friends ask me to hang or pig out either, I am never, for a second, leaving my room.

Another reason why this online course is convenient is that I don’t have to go through the anxiety of ever bugging a friend whenever I’m overthinking or depressed.

Whether to call a friend via phone call, hitting them on chat, or going to the doctor to pay over a thousand buck per session was also my struggle way back!

Being an introvert myself, I don’t really reach out to people that much unless they approach me. I have this feeling that I might disturb them of whatever important thing they’re doing. And unless they’re really my close friends, I won’t initiate the chat conversation or the text message.

I also don’t pick up calls unless people tell me what the call is all about. So imagine the dilemma, right?

Gosh. I hate this so much. I really find this anxiety a real-time struggle that when it oftentimes succumbs me, I shudder. And when I feel lonely and disturbed by a sudden anxious thought, I just shed a tear or go to sleep instead.

This is a personal opinion based on experience, but do you know the reason why there are a lot of people who commit suicide? It’s because their thoughts and anxieties already succumbed them. Their thoughts and anxieties already succumbed them to the point where their brains drain the only positive energy that’s left in them. And when they feel drained, they literally feel “empty.” Hence, the depression.

When anxieties get severe, that’s when people feel depressed. This is a phase where a person just feels severely sad or lonely for no apparent reason. Thoughts like “being dead anyway” or “suicide” resort to being the ultimate “solution.” This happens when their thoughts had already defeated them, that the mindset, “being away or just killing themselves immediately” would be the easiest way out of their suffering.

To be completely honest? NO. It isn’t.

I’ve been there. I’ve been down that road before, and I am writing this blog post to prevent YOU from doing it.

Because it’s never the solution, even if it keeps coming back.

Being in the same dark path a year ago, coming out of it, going back at it again – heck, it’s one hell of a ride! But the best part in the journey wasn’t the coming out nor the getting up, it was BELIEVING that you ACTUALLY CAN come out, even if it keeps pushing you down.

I want to share this online course with you because I KNOW and I BELIEVE this could really be of help to each and every one of us. Not just us, by the way, even professional psychiatrists, and/or clinical psychologists can use this course as well for their future references!

Kick Anxiety’s Ass is initially for the people who are READY to make a change. It’s for people who are sick and tired of letting anxiety run the show and want their power back. It’s for people who are willing to put in the hard work and follow through concepts, ideas, and assignments outlined.

So, are you that person?

If you are, I recommend you get KICK ANXIETY’S ASS ONLINE COURSE NOW by clicking on this link! Or just click the image above.

This is also for the amazing doctors out there who want more and more advanced learnings for their new and future clients. This can help them more in their chosen field, so they can further study about the most prominent reason behind why there are so many people choosing to take their lives instead.

Just imagine this.

What if anxiety isn’t limiting you from doing exactly what you love?

What if it never (again) becomes a killjoy or a party-pooper for doing the things that always excites and motivates you?

There’s a reason why Avicii and Kate Spade, among many other suicide victims, did what they thought they had to do. And it breaks my heart knowing that not only they end up with this kind of situation. Because even us, teens, and young adults do.

If you think the course is too pricey, you can get it for $50 per month in four (4) months! Or, if you think you still can’t afford, message my Official Facebook page, The Hobbyist Post and I’ll give the FIRST THREE (3) PEOPLE the mechanics to a $25 DISCOUNT using my coupon code. That’s P1,325 OFF in Philippine peso.

You’ve reached this far, don’t hold back. You don’t know how strong you are for taking an immediate action to your dilemma! You acknowledge your weaknesses and is brave enough to conquer it. You can see what’s taking over your life, and is willing to get back up! You know you aren’t controlling your life the way you want to, and think now is the time you get YOU back!

And with that, I’m proud of you.

Hurry!!! Price increases after July 31st!


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From Bully-Victim to Dreamboat: 3 Thoughts I Had On Marlou “Xander Ford” Arizala’s Transformation

The former Hast5 member, Marlou Arizala, now known as “Xander Ford” is now making rounds on the internet with his new and improved looks. From the guy who was bullied for his not-so-good looking face to this gorgeous, looking lad, I’d say many of his haters have gone cheering for the boy during his first appearance on tonight’s Rated K show as “Xander Ford.”

Early in September 2017, Arizala announced on his social media account that he will be undergoing a plastic surgery operation. Although he didn’t give his followers some gist and further details, tonight’s show on Rated K did leave the whole world in great awe of the former’s transformation.

But I’m not here to tackle about the surgery’s behind-the-scenes or what-not. I’m here to tell you the 3 things I noticed upon seeing his transformation post-mortem:

1. The Marketing Strategy

Okay, first off.

Is it me, or are you NOT paying attention to how awesome the marketing strategy of Icon Clinic was? For a young individual like me who pursues a career in marketing, I deeply commend the clinic’s Marketing Team for a job well done! Not that I’m condoning Marlou’s looks even more, but I just couldn’t help but give praise to whoever thought of that strategy!


You see, folks, Marlou didn’t actually think of having plastic surgery to change himself because if he had, he would have done it the first day he was cyberbullied. Obviously, there were sponsors for this. And apparently, any businessman or woman wouldn’t just give off free service to someone they couldn’t benefit from, especially if the brand itself isn’t much known in public. Unless the company earns an annual revenue of 30 Billion, we can’t tell it’s a philanthropic act. The business needed their ROI (Return of Investment) too, so of course, they would invest it in marketing and advertising.

What really amazes me is the fact that they’re the only ones who had thought of capitalizing on Marlou’s situation (given his reputation as the kid who was cyberbullied for his looks). Not only can the clinic benefit from this transformation, but also the Sunday night show’s ratings, and the former:

a. The Icon Clinic’s brand gets advertised for brand awareness, imbuing the reputation of being able to transform one “ugly” duckling into a “beautiful swan”, and proves the efficacy of their brand despite the alleged issue of Shiryl Saturnino’s death,

b. Rated K’s ratings would elevate due to the number of bashers and “abangers” who looked forward to the transformation and;

c. The lad, himself, for the self-esteem and confidence he can now enjoy.

This sponsorship/ex-deal partnership is a win-win on all parties. Isn’t that too amazing, or is it just me?

2. Most People’s Misconceptions

I’ve had enough of seeing comments telling Marlou that, “he should have stayed the same,” “he should have not changed his looks because whatever he does, he’d always stay the same” —– DUDE. Are you even paying attention?

I am never a fan of Marlou. But can’t you see? When your self-esteem has been attacked, you can never win the odds. This is usually the root of all depression and anxiety. Marlou may have just been strong enough to accept criticism and insults from people he didn’t do anything to. And for you to judge him for doing this? I bet you hadn’t experienced cyberbullying at that cost.

And if you think Marlou only “acquired” his transformation solely on sponsorships and shouldn’t be “too proud” of it, go back to my item number one and figure. There’s a reason he only has done it ‘now.’ 😉

3. The Hypocrisy This Society Imbues

Marlou is a public icon who isn’t approved by our society’s judgmental culture. This only proves how Filipinos give too much importance on the superficial. From “Mamatay kana Marlou nakakadiri yang mukha mo” to “Xander Ford anakan mo ‘ko,” isn’t that something we should all be alarmed of? I mean, look at (y)ourselves! And how hypocrisy takes its toll on all of you. Can we all just focus on positivity and peace instead of bringing people down?

Say, for example, this Arci Munoz thing and her nose job. You judge Arci Munoz for having her nose lift because “she isn’t the same Arci we all loved,” and praise Marlou for having his nose done. Isn’t that kind of ironic the last time you were praising the former and bashing the latter for the same damn thing? Do people really care about looks and how good you should look on TV now?

I understand they’re public icons, and you have the “freedom” to express your opinions (or so Article 3 Section 4 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution says). But there’s a huge difference between expressing your opinions and bashing them for what you don’t accept. Go figure.

Blaming them/him for their decisions shouldn’t be your parameter of criticism, but rather, your basis on how frequent you assess and/or critic your GMRC-s. Are you happy putting people down? Does it really affect you that “what you see isn’t what you want to get?” Are they jeopardizing your free will and humanity for doing what they want to do with their lives? Tell me.

You, people, created insecurity out of this poor, little boy, who only wanted to pursue show business to help his family. He even embraced the fact that he was “ugly” just so he could gain followers from social media to promote his career. Why are you so confident, so eager to judge him for that? Does it annoy you too much?

Let me ask you. When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Can you tell yourself the same thing you tell this kid? If you can’t, then you have no amount of right to judge him for doing what he wants. Because basically, it’s his life, not yours.

To Marlou / Xander Ford,

Even if you have your looks changed, I hope you may still stay humble, and never become conceited. Although I sympathize you (with a heavy heart) for putting up with those people who bullied you and just went along with it, I do admire you for being strong; not taking their shit nor allowing those nincompoops get in your way. I just hope you stay humble and kind. I may not know you in person, but I think you are a good one.

God bless you all throughout your career. Peace!


Photo courtesy of Star Image Artist Management

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Catcalling and Misandry: Here’s How Catcalling Affects Women


Photo credits to Google

Being a man-hater is a chosen attitude some women bagged in firmly with their lives for a couple of years. It is not just because of the failed relationships they always had, not just because of inequality issues, but also due to the consequent catcalls they get from walking on the streets. For some, it is out of bitterness that men who wouldn’t commit to them had them yearning for the false hopes they give, exposure to misogyny like the constant rape news we always see on TV when we were younger, and a long list of personal past experiences, so to speak.

According to Anthony Synnott Ph.D. of Rethinking Men, misandry is the hatred of men, or more broadly, the hatred, fearanger, and contempt of men. There are several levels, dimensions, and causes of misandry which we need to separate, though they tend to be all stirred up and muddled together in any given discussion. Most women fall under the category of the personal experience, in which Dr. Synnott claimed, “deep-rooted in our culture.”  He said that misandry is likely to be grounded, like misogyny, in bitter personal experiences. Many women say that that they have had unpleasant personal experiences with men: fathers, brothers, lovers, co-workers, bosses etc.; and he supposed that we have all been hurt by members of the opposite sex, and by members of our own sex too; however, to extrapolate from a minority to the general is surely unfortunate, even if understandable.

Since misandry and androphobia – the irrational fear of men – has taken its toll to the now known as “feminists” and bitter girls that have had their hearts broken, I thought of self-studying about the psychology of how men resort to this. I kept researching about “Why men act this way and that”, and found the answers through personal experience. That is, by being one of the boys – by being friends with them.

Observation-wise, I think most – not all, MOST – men lost the art of chivalry when pornography rose as a social norm; that being exposed to misogyny like the rape-role playing scenes present in porn are all natural things to do with girls in the act of intercourse. Maybe that’s the reason why feminists, advocating Women Empowerment, came to existence because chivalry, itself, already ceased to exist in this generation. For some women, they fear men because of being constantly catcalled.

A certain woman named, Maxine Mae Liwanag, posted a rant about what she truly feels on her Facebook Page regarding being catcalled and was published for an article to serve as the voice of women. According to Kicker Daily, she honestly said she feels scared and annoyed at the same time every time someone catcalls her. She asks, what should she do; [and] what should women do to stop men from harassing them.

Another account from a New Yorker named Danielle Page confronted every man who catcalled her for a week but didn’t end well. She said that,

“When you’re a woman [in] living in a big city, catcalling very rarely shocks you. Inevitably, it becomes an ever-present part of the background noise of the streets we walk down. We know it’s there, we hear what’s being said, but we keep moving in the hopes that the words somehow won’t touch us if we get far away fast enough.”

We can’t stop men from what they think or view of us, especially that we don’t have the same mindsets and line of thinking as they have. Sure, not every guy you meet in the streets are the same, but the fear intact in your mind gives you the stereotype about what guys we encounter would do; hence, the hatred – and the phobia.

Despite the fear ever evolving in society’s vicious system of inequality for both men and women, I happen to enjoy the company of men for some reasons. I learned a few things that made me wiser regardless of people’s judgments. For instance, you’d know if they’re in love with the person they’re dating when they open up to you, or if it’s just another booty call they don’t want to prolong. You’d know it by their gestures, on how they respond to a woman who regularly texts them with or without feeling something, and/or if they’re up to changing the rules when playing chess because they oftentimes just want to play games and enjoy the show. Don’t get me wrong, though. NOT all men are the same, that’s why I am having this testimony.

Being friends with boys (or men, in particular) would give you an evaluation; a hint or an idea of what they have in mind. Just as I do, I knew what my guy friends are up to when they’re at the bar chilling; making an impression to the girls they’d want to hook up with just by observing them and how they share their filthy senses of humor with me. I can already attest to what’s behind their way of thinking based on the impression some women give them, too. Perhaps, these women are not worthy of their respect, or if they were the first ones to make a move. Regardless, a man’s behavior is also based on what is shown to him, as they are polygamous by nature – they grab the bait, nonetheless.

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Confessions of an ADHD-er: The Truth Behind The Brain Disorder

“Over-analyzing” sometimes ruins everything. Your thoughts aren’t coherent, you do random things according to your senses, you’re irritably overthinking things out of impulsivity, and even become moody about some things normal people don’t. What makes it even more depressing is that the thing itself gives everyone an impression of “it” being a mental incapacity. Truthfully, it isn’t. It’s one product of ADHD.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development. It has three signs and symptoms that make up for it which are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

I have ADHD and it was only in October 2015 when I found out and confirmed I was an ADHD-er. I can always remember how kids at my former hometown hate to play with me because I was super hyperactive, always intending to ‘destroy’ things I ‘thought’ should be destroyed, impulsively running to and fro; away from my nannies, even my dad (my father would always compare me to a remote-controlled doll that once put on the ground, would automatically run as fast as she could away from him).

This caused me having minimal to no friends in childhood, thinking nobody liked me because there was something ‘wrong’ with me.

It was just recently when I figured, it’s all about my brain disorder.


Photo credits to Google

ADHD possesses three multi-factors that creates its overall functionality. Inattention, for one, means a person wanders off task, lacks persistence, has difficulty sustaining focus, and is disorganized. These problems are not due to defiance or lack of comprehension.

Several findings state that, if an ADHD-er appears irrationally happy-go-lucky, it most of the time makes his hyperactivity. This is when the person seems to move about constantly, including situations in which it is not appropriate when it is not appropriate. They also excessively fidgets, taps, or talks. In adults, it may be extreme restlessness or wearing others out with their activity. Another manifestation and proof that one has is his impulsivity.

Impulsivity is when a person makes hasty actions that occur at the moment without first thinking about them and that may have a high potential for harm, or a desire for immediate rewards or inability to delay gratification. An impulsive person may be socially intrusive and excessively interrupt others or make important decisions without considering the long-term consequences.

Regardless of the aforementioned facts I wrote here about having ADHD on the downside, the cons would always have its pros and its perks. For instance, having ADHD means your brain functions faster unlike the ordinary. When you feel so slow sometimes, that is because you are over-analyzing things based on the facts you know, and your brain is functioning too well that even a dumb joke would play as if it was meant to be analyzed. This happens all the time because you will always stay rational about the things around you.

Aside from having a Virgo rising, my ADHD makes me the person who analyzes a lot and has capitalized on it to help people with their massive essays, even debate speeches, and academic paper writing. I don’t know, but this also made me love reading and researching. Since I’m also passionate about writing, I leveraged this part of me that eventually turned out to be a so-called, ‘business‘ in college. ?

Insane, right? I know. ?

The undeniable power of ADHD also includes out-of-the-box thinking, humor, drive, and the passion that it brings to the ADHD-er. Moreover, people who have ADHD tend to have “hyperfocus” which means they focus very intently on things that do interest them, and at times, the focus is so strong that they become oblivious to the world around them.

There’s nothing inherently harmful about hyperfocus, so to speak. In fact, it can be an asset. Some ADHD-ers, for example, are able to channel their focus on something productive, such as a school or work-related activity. Others allow themselves to hyperfocus on something as a reward for completing a dull but important task. Ultimately, the best way to deal with hyperfocus is not to fight it but to harness it.

“If school or work can be made stimulating, it will grab focus in the same way,” says Kathleen Nadeau Ph.D., a psychologist in Silver Spring, Maryland and the author of ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life.

Personally, when I get too pumped about doing something I’m passionate about, I actually never cared about having less sleep, or no sleep at all. That’s when my ADHD comes striking me. It’s always making me extra hardworking, especially when I love doing what I do. However, if I’m less interested of what I’m doing, I end up procrastinating… because I have no interest in making them happen at all!

… except when I’m really obliged to.

Hey, this led me to do a few, awesome things in life at an early age of 18 and counting! I was able to do them thinking I never would in a thousand years. Not being a braggart or anything, I was just thinking about being passionate about my craft, excelling in it and, and slowly improving it. I was able to do that during my early teenage years and I’m still hung up on that up to this day! I just feel like it was a miracle. ?? You can read this on my Autobiography part of my blog here. The password is thehobbyistpost96.

People with ADHD, according to one account, tend to have many creative talents (usually underdeveloped until the diagnosis is made) and a highly original, out-of-the-box way of thinking. As highly intuitive people with a special “feel” for life, they can possess an almost “sixth sense” that lets them see straight to the heart of a matter instead of having to think it through methodically. Since impulsivity is one of the core symptoms of ADHD, it stands to reason that people with ADHD are more creative than their non-ADHD counterparts. And according to Nadeau,

“Many scientists, writers, and artists with ADHD have had very successful careers, in large part because of their ability to focus on what they’re doing for hours on end.”

So don’t be bothered or “alarmed” if you think you also possess the disorder. This is also the reason why you’re special.

This is why an ADHD-ers’ passion is located at the heart of their brains. The perks of this disorder are the “genius” behind where ADHD-ers’ masterpieces come from. Some people I know are not ashamed of it, so don’t you ever do either. Be happy about it.

This is not a spin control nor is it an effort to paint a rosy picture of the potentially disabling side of ADHD, though. Prisons, drug rehab centers, unemployment lines, divorce courts are full of people with undiagnosed, untreated ADHD. But there is also a “gifted” side to ADHD that packs the power to propel the child or adult who has it to success, even greatness. It’s all about tapping into the “mirror traits” of the negative symptoms associated with ADHD, which can become amazing assets.

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How Music Has Something To Do With Nostalgia


Photo courtesy of Google

Music has been a great part of our lives. It comforts us during the rainy seasons and even when we feel like loathing for a recent breakup. Without music, the whole world would be plain and boring.

According to Psychcentral.com, music unquestionably affects our emotions. We tend to listen to music that reflects our mood. When we’re happy or overjoyed, we dance and enjoy ourselves to some upbeat music. We express our happiness by dancing to dubstep mixes perhaps by DVBBS and Borgeous. Sometimes, if we’re mad or angry, we consume ourselves with some dark rock music that reflects our level of anger. And whenever we loathe or sulk in during the cold stormy nights, we listen to sad and slower music to understand and interpret the lyrics and its meaning as if we relate our whole lives in it because to tell you, the whole world of reality lacks one thing: A Background Music.

Kidding aside, most of us love music or simply just loves to listen to music. If you take away music in a musically inclined or a music lover’s life, you’re like locking away a man on a white room with white walls and white ceilings for a month. Who else wouldn’t go crazy from that? Silence is deafening!

When we choose what to put on our playlist, we always make sure that the melody is either danceable or catchy, and the lyrics be relatable or both. That’s the reason why we often tend to give our friendships, relationships, and even an important persona theme song. Eventually, they are what we remember whenever certain songs are played on the radio, until we couldn’t get them out of our heads even after months or years have passed. Talk about the absurdity of nostalgia?

Eventually, we tend to elude some songs from our Playlists that reminds us of our heartbreaks when we’re trying to move on because the more you listen to a song that reminds you of a significant person, the more you remember them. And the more you remember them, the more you remember the memories.

While the olfactory triggers emotional memories, the auditory triggers vivid memories

According to a researcher from the University of California, the region of the brain where memories of our past are supported and retrieved. It also serves as a hub that links familiar music, memories, and emotion. The hub is located in the medial prefrontal cortex region — right behind the forehead — and one of the last areas of the brain to atrophy over the course of the Alzheimer’s disease.

While the discovery may help explain why music can elicit strong responses from people with Alzheimer’s, you also would know whether or not you have moved on from a past lover with what the auditory triggers.

Yes, you read that right! You can get a hint of your moving on progression from your sense of hearing too. Whenever you listen to an old music that reminded you of someone, you will always – and always – feel the same thing no matter what. And, sometimes, an old music is a great assessment to know whether or not you have moved on yet or not.

If you still feel the same thing but care less, you’re halfway through it. But if you still feel the same like a fresh wound that hasn’t been applied Antiseptic Wound Remedy and band-aid on it, you’re still in it.

You won’t forget the feeling and the scenario

Flashbacks of the places, the memories and even the person itself would consume you. Right there, you’d feel like nostalgia is taking its toll. You’d feel like you’re at the same time and place regardless of how many years have passed.

If you hear Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up randomly on a convenience store, or something that reminds you of how you and that certain person counted glow-in-the-dark stars in his room at 10 PM and feel the same, all of the memories you stuck behind your subconscious will come back. What’s more ironic is that you will feel like two years ago is just like yesterday.

You won’t be quick to realize that the person you used to have feelings for is the same person you moved on from today

When we move on from a person – as in move on like we really don’t care about him or her stability that much anymore – we usually disregard the recent events about their lives. But when an old song is played, you will automatically reminisce how it was like holding his hand for the first time, and probably what it felt like having your first kiss.

At the end of the day, you’ll just end up talking to yourself; realizing how much you fell in love with a man you’re finally moved on with. You’d be like, “Thank God I don’t feel the same anymore”, celebrating the inner peace within you. I mean you wouldn’t spend a lot to buy another heartbreak, would you?

You’ll realize you’re not the same person anymore

Pain inevitably changes people – whether for the better, or for the worse. When we have our hearts badly broken, we tend to become stronger, bolder, wiser and smarter.

When an old song you used to sing with a person plays on the radio, you will realize the changes that occurred. You will realize how weak you were, or how dumb you were when you were unconsciously or indirectly begging for an ex to stay, or how much you’ve pretended to be okay being your ex’s rebound girl on a girl he replaced you with.

With that, you will realize a lot of things have changed now. And if you did it for the better, you couldn’t be more proud of yourself because of a past experience you finally conquered and got over with.

Do not make an old song a hindrance of you becoming better. Just because it reminded you of something bad from the past, or something that breaks your heart, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It just means that you started out a new life with the constant change that is the only permanent thing in the world. It just means you started out a new life, with a new song… and a new set of playlists.