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Mary Kay Philippines Beauty Consultant Experience

It was just an ordinary day when my roommates asked if I wanted to tag along going to Baguio City. At first, I declined, as I was really craving for some time to sleep. I was tasked to go to my new job for January 2nd in the afternoon and was planning to attend one of my best friends’ baby shower, so I thought sleeping in the morning would allow me to restore some energy.

After a lot of convincing and thinking, I decided to tag along at Baguio City, in which, I thought wasn’t on the same day. But then, I didn’t know we’re also going to Makati to attend a Mary Kay event.

After a few hours of small-talk with different people, my roommate, Jessica, and I signed up to be part of the Mary Kay Philippines Team. It was also out of impulse but for me, it was a good decision since I’m also a fan of cosmetics. I love how we’re getting freebies and all other stuff, and how we’re also eligible for a sales and beauty training help a week after.

I attended the ESRS (Essential Steps to Reach Success) Training where we were taught selling skills (which totally helped me with my next job) and tons of beauty tips in skincare and health. Like, for example, you have to exfoliate your face’s skin every Wednesday and Sunday because our skin changes skin every three days; or that, it’s really important to cleanse, tone, and moisturize the skin to maintain a young-looking skin.

There’s a lot to learn, but I did enjoy the training. Eventually, I got me my ESRS Completion Certificate. I’m now eligible to give advice for skin care and health, especially with MK Products! 😍💖

After a while, I conducted my first (impulsive) mini-event in Embarcadero de Legazpi when I went home to celebrate Christmas and New Year. It was a FREE makeover and skin analysis for my attendees. Cherry and Jessica helped with it.

Thanks to Embarcadero de Legazpi’s Marketing Head of wanting to have me blog their newly-established restaurants, I was able to get a hold of a place to conduct an event! I got to display and demonstrate the products there for FREE.

As mentioned, it was an impulsive beauty fairand we weren’t really prepared. To be honest, we were only planning to ‘do’ it and give my Facebook friends my promise of giving them a free makeover, but I figured I could use the ex-deal agreement I had with Embarcadero.

So voila! This is what we’re only able to get a hold of. 😂

Here are some of the photos during the event:

Ate Georgia (left) and friends. I honestly didn’t expect them to attend, so I really really do thank them for doing so as I thought this event would flunk!

And then followed by these heaps…

These three beautiful ladies… and many more.

I have many other attendees at night since this event lasted from 3 PM ’til 6 PM (ingressed at 1 PM). Due to not having proper lighting the photos don’t look good anymore. 😌

Thankfully, it went out well, as I can also leverage this opportunity in making a business out of these products, which you can browse here.

Mary Kay Philippines taught me all I need to know about traditional selling and basic-intermediate skincare routine, so if you ever need a beauty consultant, you can have me.

Just contact me at 09952431210 for a free makeover using these products, if you want to test it out, or if you want to make a business out of it as well.

Also, if you subscribe to my email list here and order some items from this Instagram Business Account here, I will give you freebies like lipsticks, foundations, even their best-selling charcoal mask.

Let’s help each other be and feel beautiful! That’s also always my goal why I aspire to be an expert in skincare. 😍💖

Visit my Instagram Business Account here and browse for more items! 💖

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Hydroquinone: What You Need To Know About This Beauty Ingredient

Hydroquinone: probably one of the most heard-about ingredients by beauty enthusiasts to date.

If you’re a fan of having a skincare routine especially in the Philippines, then this ingredient – if you’re reading the label – must have come across you many times. This ingredient is usually found in whitening products, so maybe you must have stumbled upon this ingredient once or twice.

If you’re wondering why hydroquinone is our topic for today, read on.

Let’s discuss how it affects the skin.



Hydroquinone is an active beauty ingredient with skin lightening properties. In Layman’s term, it bleaches the skin; which is why it’s a valuable agent in the treatment of different forms of hyperpigmentation, as well as other stubborn skin problems including acne marks, sun spots, and melasma.

It’s a synthetic organic compound and skin brightening agent found in a plethora of brightening serums and creams these days, which claims to effectively lighten dark patches. While a good number of licensed dermatologists recommend it as a treatment to hyperpigmentation and uneven skintone, it’s not without controversy. As a matter of fact, hydroquinone is currently banned in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

In Canada and US, high concentrations of this skin-lightening agent can only be purchased by prescription. This leads us to a very important question: is hydroquinone your skin’s friend or foe? Let’s start the evaluation by learning how it works.

How It Works

Hydroquinone lightens your skin by reducing the number of melanocytes in it. Melanocytes produce melanin, the pigment responsible for your skin tone. In the event of hyperpigmentation, excessive melanin populated the skin’s surface caused by an increase in melanocyte production. When melanocyte production is regulated, the skin tone will become more even over time.

Normally, it takes around four weeks (average) for the hydroquinone to use its powers. Full results may show after several months of consistent use. If you’ve been using hydroquinone and you don’t notice any change within 3 months of use, seek advice from your dermatologist. Ask for recommendations on the prescription-strength formula that’s best fits to your skin’s needs.

Safety Concerns

It may seem like a miracle solution to get rid of dark spots once and for all, but dermatologists don’t all agree about hydroquinone’s safety or efficacy. This is because hydroquinone is not universally considered safe at the moment. With improper use, it can easily become a skin irritant, especially for people with sensitive skin. Another skin disease that can also happen is ochronosis, explained as increased darkening of the skin that is caused by hydroquinone in high concentrations and with long-term use.

In the US, hydroquinone is still be purchased over the counter. While the ingredient is generally considered safe and effective, the number of long-term safety concerns with this ingredient is higher in quantity as compared to other products with skin actives.

How Safe is Hydroquinone?

Hydroquinone is usually well-tolerated by most users, however, there are a few exceptions:

  • If your skin is dry or sensitive, the condition may worsen with continued use. This usually tapers off over time as your skin adapts to the ingredient.
  • If you have normal or oily skin, you’re in luck since you have lower chances of experiencing these side effects.
  • Hydroquinone tends to provide better results on fair skin tones. If your skintone is darker, consult your dermatologist before use. The ingredient may worsen hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones.

Using Hydroquinone Raw

When treating hyperpigmentation, consistency is key. You want to use this ingredient daily to get optimal results. To stay safe, follow all product instructions with caution.

Before applying hydroquinone onto your face, it’s highly important to perform a patch. This will help you to figure out how your skin will react and if there are side effects.

To do this:

  1. Apply a small amount of the product on the inside part of your forearm.
  2. Use a bandage to cover the affected area.
  3. Wash your hands to remove the residue that can potentially stain your clothes or other materials.
  4. Let sit for 24 hours.
  5. Stop using if you experience severe itching or other forms of irritation.

If you don’t feel any side effects, you should be able to safely add it to your skincare routine. Ideally, hydroquinone should be applied it after cleansing and toning and before applying moisturizer.

Helpful Tips When Using Hydroquinone

Be sure to apply sunscreen as the last step of your skincare routine. Beauty and wellness experts recommend reapplying as necessary throughout the day.

While consistency can help you achieve the best results, hydroquinone can’t be used for a long period of time. If there’s no improvement in your skin after three months, stop using hydroquinone at once.

Otherwise, the product can be applied for up to 4 months and then slowly taper off use. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use it for more than 5 months at a given timeframe.

If you do want to begin using the product again, it’s best to wait for at least two to three months before continuing.

Possible Side Effects and Risks

At present, hydroquinone is considered safe in the US. Based on research, there isn’t any clinical evidence currently that proves hydroquinone is harmful to humans.

However, minor side effects may still occur. It can lead to a temporary uptick in redness or dryness initially, more so if your skin is sensitive. These should fade eventually as you get used to the product.

It’s quite rare that hydroquinone caused a condition called ochronosis, which occurs after prolonged daily use. This means you shouldn’t use products containing this ingredient for more than 5 months at a given time.

Natural Alternatives

If you prefer not using chemical agents for hyperpigmentation such as hydroquinone, there are natural skin-lightening products at your disposal.

Typically, these come in the form of:

  • Vitamins A and C are used habitually in anti-aging products since they help brighten the skin and improve overall tone. Used consistently, antioxidants may also lighten skin with hyperpigmentation.
  • Vitamin B-3. Also known as niacinamide, this vitamin is a potent ingredient that prevents darker pigmentation from making it to the surface of your skin.
  • Plant-based acids. Acids aren’t always derived from chemicals. A lot of acids in skincare products are extracted from plants. Try kojic or ellagic acids if you’re suffering from hyperpigmentation. These acids work by slowing down melanin production on your skin.

The Bottom Line

So, is hydroquinone an ally or an enemy? The answer depends on your skin tone and condition.

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most problematic skin mishaps to treat. Although hydroquinone may help lighten your skin, it may not be appropriate for everyone.

Before starting on a hydroquinone skin regimen, consult your dermatologist for expert advice. Do this especially if you have sensitive or a medium to dark skin. They should advise you on whether or not using this ingredient is good for you.

Licensed skincare and health practitioners can also suggest alternative skin-lightening treatments such as chemical peels and natural products.

Take note, this is what it LOOKS LIKE when it’s exposed, degraded, and oxidized!


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The Difference Between Organic And Natural Products: Are They A Better Alternative?

Nowadays, a lot of people are becoming more conscious of what they put in and on their body. Not only have we become conscious of the food that we eat, but we have also become meticulous with the products that we use. We want to make sure that we live to the optimum so we chose nothing but the best of quality with our foods, drinks and even with the beauty products that we’re using.

As someone that is health-conscious myself, I searched the market for the best products that will give me the ultimate benefits. And I have come across several times with the terms “All-Natural” and “Organic” Products.

What do all-natural and organic products mean? How can you consider a product organic or all-natural? Are they the same? Do they really offer great benefits and give you the same results?

These are only some of the questions that have boggled my mind. I bet some of you have been wondering the same as well. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out.

What are “Organic” Products?

The term “organic” refers to how a product was produced. When a certain product has a certified organic claim, you can trust that the ingredients were grown and prepared without the use of growth hormones, artificial fertilizers, antibiotics, artificial or synthetic chemicals, preservatives or colors.

A manufacturer can’t just easily use the word organic on their beauty products. They have to go through a strict heavily regulation to be able to put the word on their label. You have to know though that some products that have the term organic on their packaging do not necessarily translate to being 100% organic. To be given the privilege of wearing the claim, it has to have 70%-95% organic ingredients.

What are “Natural” Products?

Unlike organic products that have to go through the scrutiny of heavy regulations just to get the claim, natural products are having an easier day at the park. The lack of regulation in labeling a product “natural” is probably because it’s hard to draw a line between what is natural and what’s not.

Generally, you can coin the ingredient as natural if it came from plant, mineral or animal. But because there are no governing bodies that regulate natural products, a manufacturer can easily put the word “natural” on their packaging to attract potential customers. They may contain a number of natural ingredients, but they can still claim that their product is all natural despite the presence of synthetic ingredients.

Why Should I Use Organic or Natural Products?

If you haven’t already, switching to organic or natural products has clearly some benefits. Not only you are helping Mother Earth but you are also giving your body the best care and treatment that they deserve.

Below are some of the benefits of using organic or natural products.


1. They don’t contain harmful materials.

When you look at the label of non-organic skin care product, you’d notice the presence of synthetic and man-made ingredients. These ingredients, if used in a long term, can cause organ toxicity, hormone imbalance, skin irritation, and even cancer. Using all natural and organic products simply lowers your risk of getting these diseases.

2. They are better for your skin.

You may get a fast result when using synthetic ingredients, but the long-term effect is not that pleasing. Yes, your blemishes and wrinkles may lessen instantaneously, but these synthetic ingredients can weaken and damage your skin in the long run.

On the other hand, natural and organic products give you real nutritional benefits without any harmful side effects. We all know that natural ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, honey, and coconut oil are great in moisturizing and nourishing your skin. You may not get the instant gratification that you get from using synthetic products, but your skin will thank you in the long run.

3. They can reduce skin irritation.

Breakouts and skin irritations are certainly annoying. Using products that don’t contain harsh chemicals is your ultimate solution to irritations, inflammations or allergic reactions. Products that contain lavender extract, tea tree oil and zinc oxide will make your skin nourished and smooth.

4. They are friendlier to your wallet.

One of the biggest misconceptions I have heard is that organic and natural products are expensive.

Whilst there are products that are indeed heavier on the pocket, there are some that come at a friendlier price. Also, using them can help you save money in the long run. Using organic and natural products will improve your overall health and skin condition, thus you won’t feel the need to buy more products just to compensate for your routine.

5. They are kinder to the environment.

We only have one world to live in so we must do everything to protect it. Chemicals that are found in non-organic and non-natural products can produce harm and damage to the environment. Wouldn’t it be nice to use a product that won’t make you feel guilty that you’re causing harm to Mother Earth?

How Can You make sure that a Product is Indeed Organic or Natural?

With the numbers of eco-friendly consumers on the rise, producers and manufacturers are also prowling to get them to purchase their products. With thousands of competitions in the market, some would shamelessly use the claim of being organic or natural just to get the sale.

How can you make sure that you’re really getting the right value for your money?

Always read the labels

We should make it a habit to always check the ingredients list before purchasing a product. You certainly don’t want to put on a facial cream without knowing what’s in them, do you? Before you swipe that beauty product on the counter, take time to read the ingredients list first.

Though it’s not necessary to bury your head in knowing all the synthetic ingredients, it’s best that you’re familiar with some. As a rule of thumb, it’s probably a red flag if you can’t understand the ingredient. Stay away from ingredients that have “oxy”, “-eth-” or “poly” as these are synthetic ingredients. You should also avoid products that contain Sulphates, parabens, and phthalates.

Look for recognized labels

Probably one of the surest ways to know that a certain product is indeed natural or organic is that if they are recognized by a certified regulatory body. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), European Commission’s Agriculture Ministries, Australian Certified Organic (CCO), COSMOS and Ecocert are some of the most reputable organizations that recognize organic and natural products. Once a product has their approval, you’re pretty confident that you’re getting what you have paid for.

An approach to being healthy should be holistic. We should not only be conscious of the food and drink that we put inside our body. We should also take into consideration the type of ingredients that we use in our beauty products. Using organic or natural products will also give you the same, if not better, result without having to suffer from the harmful effects that these synthetic products give to our body and environment.

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: What You Need To Know About This Infamous Ovarian Illness

I never have imagined how my life had turned-around when I found out I have PCOS in January 2017. Also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, this infamous illness has affected thousands of other women including me.

It was mid-January 2017 when I was chilling with high fever in one week. I really thought I was infected by dengue because knowing where I used to live in Taguig, our apartment was vulnerable to being infested with mosquitoes and cockroaches. As a matter of fact, I just got accustomed to living with those!

I used to live in the Southern part of Metro Manila when I used to work for Globe Telecom. The place looked as if I was living in Squatters area near a public market, transportation and many more. Imagine living in Metro ‘Tondo’ if you’re familiar with Tondo, Manila.

My college friends and I didn’t have much money to pay for a good-looking apartment back in the days, so we settled for that one.

Going back.

I never usually had a fever that long. If so, it would only take 3-4 days because knowing me and how I grew up, I have a strong resistance to sickness. I never usually get sick for the slightest of reasons; hell, I even blamed myself for ‘lying’ to my mom that I was sick so I can borrow money from her. I really thought it was a bad, bad jinx.

So my fever went on for almost a week when I suddenly went to St. Lukes’ Medical Center, BGC to have myself checked up. When it was my turn at Maxicare clinic (thank God I was still covered by my dad’s healthcare package), the doctor asked me, “When was the last time you had your period?”

I paused for a moment.

I re-thought of it over and over.

And then I realized… I last had it in November 2016! 😩

I told the doctor I was two months late when she asked me if I was pregnant. I told her “no” because I never had sex at that time. Until she asked me to get checked by an Obstetrician instead of prescribing me meds for possible Dengue infection (I thought it was Dengue because my roommate had dengue and she was also sick with fever for almost a week).

That was when I discovered I had PCOS… 35 cysts at each ovary.


“Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (aka PCOS) affects over 7 million people. That’s more than the number of people diagnosed with breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus combined.” ~ Louise Chang, MD

It’s really sad that PCOS is common among women my age, and only a few people know about this illness. Although the awareness of this illness is growing from time to time, it is still quite inevitable how it is still unfamiliar to those who need to know it the most.

So what really is PCOS, so to speak?

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an illness caused by hormonal imbalance. This means that the testosterone level (male hormones) is greater than of estrogen (female hormones); which leads to irregular menstruation, weight gain, hair growth (hirsutism), etc.

According to holtorfmed.com, the exact cause of PCOS is still unknown, however, genetics and health are major factors. It is stated that “factors such as stress and poor diet can upset the balance resulting in “insulin resistance.” In this case, the cell does not respond to the insulin, causing more to be released, and ultimately creating a surplus in the bloodstream. One study estimates that 65-70% of women with PCOS are obese and have insulin resistance. Genetics are a contributing factor as well; however, diet and lifestyle generally have greater influence. Women with PCOS are also vulnerable to diabetes due to the higher insulin level.

Symptoms of PCOS may vary, but here are the most common effects on a woman with PCOS

Irregular Period

Just as I do, it isn’t normal when a woman has an irregular period because there are monthly cycles to that should be kept track on. And unless you’re not following any of that track, you need to get checked up ASAP!


I honestly am glad I ain’t prone to too much acne, but this is one of the most common things with a woman with PCOS. If you want to get rid of those, you can try my Fairy Skin Derma Facial Set as it proves to really and seriously eliminate all the dry and emerging pimples in your face.

You really can’t stop having pimples, but at least you can try to overcome it by eliminating it.

Weight gain

This is what I’ve always struggled all my adulting life – weight gain! You seriously need a proper diet and exercise if you want to lose weight.

Actually, confidence isn’t really what matters here anymore. That just comes second! What matters here is your health, because aside from PCOS causing infertility to women – which is a fact, weight gain may even contribute to that.

No, you’re not barren – you’re just prevented from procreating easily (reduced fertility). And if you want to start a family and this isn’t treated well, this could cause a problem between the wife and spouse.

Apparently, it’s one sad fact that causes marriages to fall down. I wrote it in an eBook as to why it can happen. You can go read it here.


Hirsutism is excessive body hair in men and women on parts of the body where hair is normally absent or minimal, such as on the chin, chest, face or body. Usually, this can make a woman grow a beard, or her armpits look ‘hairier’ than normal armpit hairs for girls.

I actually have this, and it’s really really annoying. My unwanted armpit hair usually looks thicker than the usual armpit hair I see from my girl-friends, and it really grows massive! I try to wax it religiously every month, and even though I don’t have dark armpits, I usually look as if I have one!

Darkening of skin

As mentioned, darkening of the skin happens with a woman with PCOS. Dark skin patches usually occur around the armpits, groin, neck, vulva, elbows, knees, knuckles, and lips.

To be honest, despite being too nitpicky and careful when it comes to my skin, there are really areas of my body that need full attention! I hate that I have to look as if I have dark underarms, elbows, knees, and more due to my PCOS. Not to mention, there’s this stigma when something’s “off” or “dark” around your body, you aren’t “hygienic.” 😂

That’s not actually a concern, but that’s still annoying, right? 😂

Anyway, truth be told, the darkening of some parts of the skin is linked to hyperinsulinemia with acanthosis nigricans (AN). It also has a relationship high androgen levels in women.

According to Sepalika,

… the presence of these dark, velvety skin patches is a sign of abnormal glucose tolerance in women who have PCOS. And if you are obese, your risk is even higher. In select few cases, medications commonly prescribed for PCOS like birth control pills, thyroid medication, corticosteroids and growth hormones can also trigger Acanthosis Nigricans as they cause changes in insulin levels.However, the good news is that once you treat the underlying condition, i.e. insulin resistance and lose weight, or change your medication, these skin patches tend to disappear.

If you have dark underarms or anywhere around your body due to this, I suggest you use the ever-amazing Tawas Calamansi Papaya by Goddess Touch. I used to use it on my face, and sometimes in my armpits, and I can see visible results in just 2 days (with the latter)!

You can go get that here.

Mood swings

While it’s true that we, women, are all savage, hungry and ANGRY during menstruation, it is a lot more depressing and stressful when you have PCOS.

I remember totally acting up with my dad at a local fast food chain because I felt “offended” over something I think I overreacted about, and I ended up cursing everyone at home, even my grandparents! Like seriously, I was ravaging them with my hurtful words and then the next morning, I had my period. 😂

Thank God, my grandma just understood (I didn’t know I had PCOS that time until a year AFTER).

But going back, mood swings are a lot more often with women with PCOS than normal women. And it became far worse when I took up a BCP!

When I had my checkup back in 2017, my doctor recommended I use a birth control pill to regulate my menstruation. It made me super fat that I had to stop it! I don’t know if it’s because I abruptly did without following the three-month rule she [the doctor] advised, or was it because the BCP made me too eager to eat, but it caused me severe – MAJOR – depression and anxiety I will never forget.

It took me losing my job, going back home, experiencing the worst year ever, and so on. I’m just thankful I survived a lot after that but hell no, I won’t go back on using a BCP! 😭💔


Infertility in women because of PCOS is caused by the absence of ovulation. Most of the time it’s less frequent, but this is because the cysts in the ovaries block it from producing more eggs.

As mentioned, I wrote about more of this in my eBook, which you can go find here.

In conclusion

PCOS may sound simple but, it is hard and frustrating. According to research, women who suffer from PCOS find it hard to seek answers with regards to this illness. They tend to be diagnosed by at most five doctors before they really know how PCOS affects their health and how they can prevent it. It also has lower budgets provided by the government compared to other illnesses that’s why PCOS victims create their own communities where they can freely share their experiences and inspire other victims.

There is no cure for PCOS. Fortunately, you can reverse PCOS by taking care of yourself! That is, by eating healthy through removing junk from your digestive system.

Also, avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Processed Meats
  • Sugary drinks
  • Fast food
  • Solid fat
  • Too much meat

For better skincare (if you’re really, really desperate to avoid what it can cause to your skin and take care of your it), you can use these products I personally recommend:

  • Tawas Calamansi Papaya – this is a Filipino-made organic all purpose cream that whitens dark areas.
  • Prolife Atlas 400 I.U. Vitamin E – this helps protect your skin against UV rays and damage by formulating collagen for your skin’s elasticity
  • BHK Vitamin C – usage of Vitamin C serves as an anti-oxidant that can help heal damaged skin and appearance of wrinkles
  • Or ask your dermatologist

It is also better to exercise daily and avoiding stress as much as possible.

Remember to always listen to your body; irregular period, weight gain, and acne shouldn’t be neglected. If ever there are any irregularities experienced, it is much safer and better to consult your gynecologist.

Stay healthy and happy!


Holtorfmed.com on signature skin conditions

Women’s Health

Very Well Health Skin Tips For Women With PCOS

Better Health 


Photo by Silvia Agrasar
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7 Most Notable Benefits Of Aloe Vera

It was when our family moved in for good here in Legazpi last 2006 when I noticed my grandfather used to plant aloe veras on our third floor. I used to pluck one as a kid (which results to an angry grand-dad lol) and realized how disgusting the transparent, slimy thing coming out from it.

I never realized the effects of it growing up until I discovered this “yucky,” transparent slime has more to offer than what meets the eye. It also soothed my Sunburn from my Calaguas Island trip last June 2018, but that’s already a commercialized product I already bought due to its popularity these days.

But what is the difference of using it raw? 😱 Let’s find it out!

In the cosmetics industry, aloe vera is considered one of the leading ingredients of many beauty products. It is mainly because of the wonderful results this plant can give to our skin. Legend tells that even Cleopatra herself used aloe vera as her daily beauty regimen to keep her skin flawless. But according to some researchers, the aloe vera plant has more to offer and not just for cosmetics.

Aloe Barbadensis Mill or more commonly known as aloe vera is part of the succulent plant species which means that the plant’s leaves are thick, fleshy and contains sup or juice. The plant is a native from the Arabian Peninsula and because of its unique looks, it became popular and was globally traded. At first, the aloe vera plant was used as a mere house decoration. But as years progressed, our ancestors learned about the various benefits it offers and that is why they considered it as a wonder plant.

Long before the discovery and availability of commercialized medicines, our ancestors treated aloe vera as a remedy for different illnesses. They widely cultivated the aloe vera plant because they claimed that it has healing properties.

Here are the 7 most notable benefits that we can get from using aloe vera.


1. Can Help in Healing Wounds

The aloe vera’s wound healing ability is probably the plant’s oldest known benefit. From the ancient Chinese to Egyptians, aloe vera was used in tending wounds. The plant’s clear gel, also known as aloe, helps to speed up the healing process and lessens the scarring damage a wound can leave to your skin. According to history, Alexander the Great used aloe to help him treat his wounds and his soldiers.

2. Aids in Skin burns

Because of aloe’s cooling effect, some people used it on skin burns. In addition to its fast healing property, they claim that it gives them relief from the burn’s stingy feeling. The story says that since sunblock is not yet available in the olden days, aloe vera gel was used as a skin protector. They applied it on their skin to avoid getting burned from long exposure under the sun.

3. Treats Skin Problems

The most evident use of aloe vera nowadays is for cosmetics and if you will visit a beauty shop, you will notice that there is a wide range of beauty products to choose from.  But for someone who suffers from acne problems, using commercially-processed products with different ingredients can further add damage to their sensitive skin. Aloe vera gel can help in improving our skin’s condition not just only for moisturizing dry skin but also treating acne problems. It helps in reducing inflammation and gives a calming effect. To some, they claim that aloe vera gel can also be used on psoriasis because it can lessen its itchiness.

4. Used for Hair Growth Treatment

Of all the reported benefits of aloe vera, hair loss control is the most popular. Aloe vera is believed to be a good remedy for hair growth treatment. The aloe contains proteolytic enzymes that give a soothing and nourishing effect on the scalp. It also helps in reducing itchiness because of dandruff and repairs dead skin cells. Regular use of aloe vera on your scalp improves its condition and eventually, will become healthier. And when a scalp is healthy, it becomes an ideal environment for growing hairs.

5. Controls Blood Sugar Level and Lowers the Risk of Having Heart Diseases.

Aside from the gel, an aloe vera plant contains sup or juice which can be extracted from its leaves. Research revealed that drinking its juice can help someone who suffers from diabetes mellitus type 2. One of the characteristics of this type of diabetes is having a high level of sugar in their blood. And by drinking two tablespoons of the plant’s juice for two weeks, their blood sugar level will decrease. Aside from controlling the sugar level in the bloodstream, drinking aloe vera juice can improve a person’s diet. As a result, the body fat level will improve and the chance of developing heart diseases will be lower.

6. Helps in Digestion Problems

If you suffer from constipation from time-to-time, orally consuming of aloe vera juice is also advised. Aloe vera leaves contain a laxative substance known as aloe latex and it is found at the base part of the plant’s leaves. It has a pulpy texture and gives off a yellow color. As advised, a cupful of aloe vera juice can give you relief from stomach problems like constipation.

7. Encourages Increase in the Production of Red Blood Cells and Boost Immune System

Another benefit that we can get from drinking aloe vera juice is that it can increase the production of red blood cells. In fact, aloe vera is used in correcting disorders like anemia. It can also help our body cells to produce nitric oxide and cytokines that we need to boost our immune system.

In conclusion…

Even though there are lots of reports about the different benefits of aloe vera, science still lacks evidence to support its effectiveness. There are still not enough documentation to prove that the aloe vera plant has the ability to cure many health problems. Some scientists even claim that the plant contains potential toxic properties and if consumed at some dose level, can induce side effects.

Many people are allergic to latex.  Drinking aloe vera juice can cause side effects like stomach discomforts, diarrhea, lower potassium level, and abdominal cramps. In addition to these, some people can also be sensitive to aloe vera gel and can have skin allergies, skin rash, irritation, and burning sensation. Pregnant women are also not advised to drink aloe vera juice because it can cause contractions and can lead to birth complications

Nonetheless, since it has been used for such a long time that a lot of us still believe in its benefits due to its trademark being “pure” and “chemical-free”, many of us still use raw aloe veras despite its recorded side effects.

But, as a smart consumer, always keep in mind that a doctor’s advice is still appropriate if you are planning to use the aloe vera plant.








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Product Review: AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

It’s been like two months since I last blogged and I forgot to create product and brand reviews for quite a number of items I promised to write about. Well, it’s been tough being unemployed that I had to search for a real job this time. Now that I’m here, here’s the Miracle toner review I promised to write a review for.

Okay, to start with.

This is such an awesome product I’ll never regret buying despite being short of funds last August! I bought this from a close friend who happens to be a local distributor back in my hometown in Legazpi, and I bought this for less than its original price (presyong barkada).

I’ve always wanted to have smooth, glass-like skin, and when I was able to achieve that using Fairy Skin Derma Facial Set, I vowed to always maintain this glow from hereon. Thus, trying out the new Miracle Toner everyone was going “Gaga” about.

How I discovered this was simple.

I was just browsing the internet when I saw a boosted advertisement about a Miracle Toner that does its powers in just 30 days. There was a time-lapsed video of a woman using this for 30 days, and the end result was fabulous! She looked like a Korean with fairly, glowing skin. “What an amazing product,” I thought. So eventually, I sought out places where I can get this.

I guess fate was in my favor when I found out that one of my closest friends in Legazpi is a local distributor. I knew I didn’t have to be skeptical about who to purchase the product from because knowing her, she wouldn’t settle for something fake or sketchy. Ergo, coming from her, I know this is authentic.

AHA BHA PHA Miracle Toner

AHA BHA PHA Miracle Toner

AHA BHA PHA 30-Day Miracle Toner is a Korean product with almost zero alcohol content. It contains a minty fragrance from a real, 10,000 PPM tea-tree oil (you know that mint candy we used to buy as a kid that has chocolate inside of it and comes in a green plastic package? That’s how it smells), and 2% Niacinamide. It promises an effective exfoliator that leaves the skin with a clearer and more radiant glow than before.

Ingredients used in this 30-Day Miracle Toner

AHA BHA PHA Miracle Toner

AHA BHA PHA Miracle Toner


Niacinamide at 2%

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B-3 that’s essential to prevent B-3 deficiency. B-3 deficiency usually lead s to skin, kidneys, and brain disorders. This nutrient comes especially in skin health, and is also called “nicotinamide.” It helps treat certain skin conditions including acne, eczema, and et cetera.

Real Tea Tree

The Tea Tree‘s oil is essential to improve the overall appearance of your skin. It treats certain skin conditions, and it actually covers even the nails and hair. Tea tree can also be used as a deodorant, insect repellant, or mouthwash. Actually, it’s an alternative to conventional skincare treatments.

Aside from these major benefactor to an overall Korean-glass skin, it works as an effective exfoliator that leaves the skin clearer and more radiant than before. It’s formulated WITHOUT the 20 ingredients you usually see in other commercial toners and is very mild compared to the usual. It’s also low in pH and is approved by the Korean FDA (KFDA).

Me after 2 Months of using 🍃

AHA BHA PHA Miracle Toner

If you want this, contact me on Viber at +63 995 243 1210 or email me at [email protected]

Beware of Fake Products as it might cause harm to your skin.

Kasthuri Manjal
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Organic Beauty Regimen of Wild Tumeric: How Beneficial Kasthuri Manjal Can Be On The Face

In today’s generation of LED light masks and expensive skin care products, having a healthy, glowing skin comes first on today’s trend. Women want it. Women desire it. That’s why most of them spend a thousand bucks just so they can achieve that ultimate flawless skin. But do you know there’s another alternative that can also improve your glow without breaking the bank? In fact, it’s the better alternative you don’t see on your Newsfeed every day! It’s not one of those commercial products you wish you could afford, neither is it the radio frequency machines you are really eager to try. You don’t need to spend a large amount of money, and you need not jeopardize the original tone of your skin. You just get to improve it and make it better! This is where Katsuri Manjal steps in: to give you the organic beauty you desire in less than a buck.

Kasthuri Manjal, also known as Kasturi Tumeric in English is a wild ginger found in South Asian countries. It has rhizomes with a distinct aroma and color that differentiates itself from regular tumerics. It can also be used as a culinary agent to add flavor to dishes, apart from its cosmetics and medical applications. The herb is also an exceptionally amazing gift of nature as it possesses almost every important property your skin demands.

Below is the list of agents that provide a major role in your beauty essential regime:


Kasthuri Manjal is an incredible anti-inflammatory agent. It takes care of any inflammation of your skin which is caused by many disturbances in nature such as pollution, harmful UV rays, dust, allergies, etc. It exfoliates dead skin when you use it as a scrub, allowing your skin to rejuvenate. The anti-inflammatory agents of this spice help in cutting out the inflammation by deeply reacting with the impurities that have affected your skin. It treats and reduces your skin from inflammation or swelling.


This property takes care of your skin by protecting it against the excess production of free radicals that are caused by the unwanted calamities of nature. The anti-oxidant property it possesses keeps the skin rash-free and skin disorder-free. And since Kasthuri Manjal is known to be an amazing anti-oxidant, allow your skin to be protected against all agents that lead to various skin disorders. You need anti-oxidant so your skin can breathe freely.


Kathsuri Manjal is not just a cosmetic that’ll make your skin look beautiful. It’ll also prevent the growth of malignant cells in your body and your skin. How’s that possible? With the anti-neoplastic agent.

Thanks to the Anti-neo-plastic agent in this herb, your skin will look beautiful and cancer-free. This wild turmeric herb takes care of your skin while protecting it against the threat of cancer-causing cells. And since Kathsuri Manjal is known to be a prodigious anti-neoplastic agent, having it for your skin is never a compromise.


The reason why we have upset skin is that we allow bacteria to enter our pores. This results in acne, pimples, boils, infections and unhealthy skin. Kasthuri Manjal is your superhero for this matter.

The antibacterial trait of Kasthuri Manjal is a fascinating gift of nature. It fights against the bacteria on your skin that reacts to cause unwanted ailments to your skin.

With all of these components combined, you will always love your skin more than you have ever loved before!

The powerful Tumeric also removes unwanted hair, gets rid of your dark circles, helps keep acne at bay and banish oily skin. It also helps in pigmentation and helps fade wrinkles; thereby improving your complexion. Since it gives your skin a natural glow, it’ll make your skin look younger. The best part is it does not stain when you apply!

Hit the parlor or go for expensive machines no more! Here are 3 homemade steps upon applying the herb to enhance your glow:

1.       Look for Kathsuri Manjal in the market and coarsely grind it

Kasthuri Majal is often found in a market as dried ginger roots. Though there are already powdered Tumerics found in the groceries under some known brands, it’s best to bet for one that’s 100% organic.

Grind the herb into a powder using a mixer. Or, manually grind it using a mortar and pestle if you don’t have one.

2.       Mix the Ultimate Golden Glow Face Pack

Now that you’ve got your Tumeric powder together, gather around 2 tablespoons of Gram Flour (Kadala Maavu) and 1 tablespoon of unboiled milk. Mix all the three ingredients together to form a thick paste. If you have an oily skin, replace milk with yogurt and skip the gram flour in this pack.

3.       Apply thoroughly and evenly on skin

Apply mixed ingredients evenly on cleansed face and neck. Let it dry for 15 minutes or until you get a stretchy feeling. Afterward, wet it with water and start massaging in the areas where you want to remove unwanted facial hair. Massage for 2 minutes and wash face completely. Take note that you should always wash up before applying the herb to allow your pores to breathe. Best time for application is before heading to bed.

Enjoy the instant radiance in your face and allow your pores to absorb the best of what the herb can offer! It doesn’t make your face yellow if washed properly. For best results, use this pack as a body scrub every day. According to The Kavic Living, it works 100 times better than a normal soap.

The supple and soft skin the Kathsuri Manjal provides also slows down the aging process. It’s also best for pregnant women who want to remove their stretch marks, and for babies to keep their skin blemish-free (applicable to baby girls only). Either way, this magical herb will give you the better skin you desire without compromising your allowance. Why spend a thousand buck if you can look your best without feeling hurting your budget?








tawas calamansi papaya all purpose cream
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Tawas Calamansi Papaya: How This Organic Filipino Beauty Product Is Kicking The Online Market Scene

I wouldn’t deny this, but this product – Tawas Calamansi Papaya all-purpose cream – has done a lot of AMAZING results not just to me, but also to a bunch of heaps!

To give you a brief overview of this product, the name itself “Tawas Calamansi Papaya” is what this product is organically made from: Alum, Philippine citrus (Citrofortunella microcarpa), and Papaya. 

This product promises to whiten all the dark areas of your body including elbows, underarms, bikini areas, and more. It can also be used for babies to cure diaper rashes, even on breastfeeding moms who just want to whiten their faces or soothe their growing stretchmarks.

For Your Information

Tawas or ‘Alum’ is a crystallized rock also used as an underarm deodorant to control perspiration. Many people use this as an alternative to commercial brands of antiperspirant to avoid the darkening of underarms.

Google defines Alum as a,

 “colorless astringent compound that is a hydrated double sulfate of aluminum and potassium, used in solution medicinally and in dyeing and tanning.”

It’s also a,

“A number of analogous crystalline double sulfates of a monovalent metal (or group) and a trivalent metal.”

Meanwhile, Calamansi is known as a natural whitening ingredient to whiten the armpits. Commonly found in the Philippines, the procedure to organically whiten the dark underarm is by cutting the piece in half and scrubbing each of the sliced halves on each armpit.

This green, little tangy and sour fruit has the capacity to lighten any dark areas of the body in just a matter of days due to its natural potent formulation that renews skin cells. It also exfoliates the dead, dark skin on the surface of the armpit skin, encouraging new skin cells to grow.

While it naturally helps whiten any dark areas, it also fights body odor and blemishes. This is actually the reason why Calamander (or Calamansi in the Philippines) is the most natural remedy to cease even acne.

Similarly, Papaya does the same job description. It is also one of the many natural remedies that help fight dark areas of the body.

Papaya does this best thanks to ‘papain’, a natural enzyme that promotes skin renewal and cell turnover. It allows the skin to exfoliate, revealing newer cells that soften the skin. It also has restorative properties that make a user glow naturally, especially when it’s moisturized.

Now you wonder why there are thousands of products be it commercialized or not that use this as their leading ingredient for whitening. Well, I think this is the reason.

Personally, I think all of these ingredients combined in one, organic product is ultimately possible for the promise Tawas Calamansi Papaya made. It’s an all-purpose cream you can use wherever you want, and even still, will give you the outcome you desire.

Before I thought of purchasing this product, I have seen a lot of Facebook testimonies saying this product was indeed, effective.

What really caught my attention were those who had severe, disgusting wounds and were cured by the aforementioned product! There’s this person who shared her testimony (which I can’t find on Facebook as of the moment) that cured her watering, wounds in just a matter of days! I’m not sure what kind of wound that was, I can hardly describe it, but I think it’s like a popped boil that burst into her legs, which waters and looks reddish at the same time. It’s like the thick, yellowish fluid found in sores except the water looked clear, and the wound was red like it was fresh flesh.

Since I can’t find that testimony, I’ll just share this one from a local distributor in Legazpi City:

Translation: “Credits to my distributor. This is real! Not a joke or something. Believe it or not, Tawas Calamansi [Papaya] by Goddess Touch is super amazing! [The product] was able to treat the allergy of my child’s classmate after 3 days of using. Look, it was already well! All her allergy went okay! TCP is the best!”

In my personal stand, I used this product on my face as a makeup base after I got sunburned on my Calaguas Island trip. This product easily gets sold out, and I’ve seen so many positive testimonials on almost all of my Facebook friends who aren’t just selling it but also using it.

Over time this is how I looked like using TCP from this…

tcp sunburned

…to THIS!

Tawas calamansi papaya

I just have the ring light as an enhancement to the lighting of this photo, but go figure! Amazing right?

The only minimal thing I saw as a disadvantage was when my face got really sweaty. I really looked like I came out of the sauna after three hours! As mentioned, I put this on my face as a makeup base, so maybe that wasn’t just efficient on my end. Putting this as a makeup base would make you really sweaty instantly, but I think that’s just part of its effects. It’s completely up to you if you use it with your makeup on or not, or if you want to use it at any body part instead.

I also tried using this on my underarm for two days. So far, so good.

Here are the other said benefits of Goddess Touch’s Tawas Calamansi Papaya:

tawas calamansi papaya

It also comes with an SPF 30 meaning you can go out and about the sun without damaging your skin!

Overall, this product has done its magic to millions of people in the Philippines, and I guess I’m one of those who has witnessed!

And since I only sell and promote the products I have tried, used, tested, and approved, you can go get yours here at my shop: The Hobbyist Post Online Shop.

It comes with two options a 10 grams package and a 50 grams. Choose yours!




skincare wellness beauty
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The Top 3 Products I Used To Get My Fair Skin Back In Just 3-4 Weeks

Believe it or not, I was able to get my fair skin back faster than I expected after my ‘unexpected’ Calaguas Island trip!

Although it kind of sucked since I’ve spent more money enhancing my radiance and glow for about two years after our San Miguel Island escapade in 2015, my journey back to radiance was once again achieved in just 3-4 weeks!

The reason behind this is well, another impulsivity.

There was this promo at Derma Medics Facial and Body Center of their Snow White Capsule Glutathione, where you can get it at less P900 ($18) I think if you buy three (3) at this certain amount. Since I was desperate enough to have mine back, I immediately contacted the nurse who asked me a year ago to model for them and bought three of these under the promo instantly!

I asked her if the Snow White Drip (glutathione injection) was better than the intake. But I figured since both acquired 500mg dosage, I just bought the capsules instead.

Before leaving the clinic, I asked her if the product upon finishing 90 capsules (per bottle consist of 30 capsules) would quickly return my color. She told me that the best thing to do about this was to take Vitamin C and Vitamin E alongside the Glutathione, and use an exfoliating soap to cease the sunburned area.

I did as I was told. I bought my usual Vitamin E from March 2018 – the Prolife Atlas 400 I.U. Vitamin E – along with BHK’s Vitamin C.

But before pursuing the intake of three (3) dietary supplements all at once, I did my research first.

I was a bit hesitant to take those three all at the same time (not that I don’t trust the advise), but I got too skeptical for my own good. Perhaps, it’s just because I wasn’t accustomed to taking supplements all at the same time but hey, I did learn more facts about the ‘E’ and the ‘C’ together!

According to Dr. Stacy Wiegman, PharmD, a licensed pharmacist, and medical writer/editor,

“There hasn’t been much research on the benefits of taking vitamins C and E together versus taking them at different times. However, one 2004 study suggested that older people may be able to reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s disease by taking the two vitamins together. The findings suggested that the protection occurs when the vitamins are taken in the high doses typical of individual supplements — 500 to 1,000 micrograms (or more) of vitamin C and up to 1,000 IU of vitamin E. People in that study didn’t seem to lower their risk of Alzheimer’s disease if they took either vitamin alone.”

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD, board certified in both Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio further states that,

“Two age-reducing vitamins, if taken together, are C and E. Although these vitamins exert powerful antioxidant activity, they may be producing their benefits through effects that are very different from anti-oxidation. Taken together, vitamins C and E help keep your cardiovascular system healthy by reducing the amount of harmful buildup on the walls of your arteries. In addition, vitamin C strengthens the immune system, improves both eye and lung function, and helps the body heal. Vitamins C and E, taken in combination, help keep the arteries relaxed and elastic. You can make your Real age (physiologic age) one year younger by taking 600 milligram (mg) or more (up to 2,000 mg) of vitamin C a day as supplements (in divided doses of no more than 500 mg in any six hours) and 400 international unit (IU) of vitamin E a day, in addition to eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

For the whitening part that involves these two, other consumers on random Google forums suggest that taking both Vitamins E and C (plus Glutathione) had positive results on them, which I can attest too.

Here are the Top 3 products I highly recommend if you want to have a fairer, whiter, and glowing skin (or your original skin color if you ever got sunburned) in just 3-4 weeks:

vitamin e vitamin c glutathione

Derma Medics’ Snow White Capsule Glutathione

There are many reasons why I love Derma Medics, which you can find here. But for this part, I love how it gave its promise of a real ‘Snow White’ skin! Per bottle consist of 30 capsules good for 30 days. You can take it once a day, preferably with a meal.

glutathione skin whitening

This product was originally made in Japan with 500mg dosage. Aside from being FDA approved, which means the product can really be trusted, it can help your skin achieve the radiance, glow, and smoothness you desire.

It’s more than just whitening, it’s also an anti-aging. Expect a flawless skin that also protects you from cancer, detoxification, kidney diseases, and liver damage. I think the edge of this product among all the glutathione products I’ve known and tested (was only able to use two brands of Glutathione my whole life) was this can also prevent stress, depression, and insomnia. Plus, it can help normalize your cholesterol level so what’s not to love?

Here are the instructions on how to use:

If you also want to try this product, you can go grab it here at my shop!

Prolife Atlas 400 I.U. Vitamin E

Many people have always acknowledged my skin color since childhood, but it was just recently when I got complimented by my natural-looking, radiant glow.

Aside from using Fairy Skin on my face, I also got noticed by many heaps on how my entire body ‘just glowed’ more. Roughly 5-6 months ago, I’ve been seeing this dietary supplement going rounds on Facebook, and was even compared to a known brand for its effectivity… except the latter was expensive.

vitamin e whitening

I bought one for myself out of curiosity last March 2018. I was surprised to have seen little, tiny soft gels in color yellow, and has found it cute because it’s too… soft. I think resisting to ‘press’ it hard before taking it would be the ultimate trial here, but overall, it was in fact good!

I loved it because honestly, even though I went to work with minimal to no sleep, I still felt pumped and energized! I used to work for a big company in the marketing department of a branch in my city, and one of the main job descriptions was to organize and handle events conducted in the mall. Ingresses and egresses were required, meaning we had to stay up late until we finish the setup for events. Guess what? There was never – even a minimal – moment I felt tired. I even come to work with no sleep for almost 24-30 hours back then! This was also what I loved about this product.

Just to give you an overview, here are the supplement facts:

vitamin e whitening

I use Prolife Atlas until today, just so you know. If you want to try it yourself, you can get it here.

BHK Vitamin C

First of all, I never had any intention of buying this product in the first place. That day, I was impulsive on ordering this product online and was thinking of just canceling right after due to a monetary shortage.

When I figured it was out for delivery, I even tried not to contact the delivery guy when he was about to arrive at my doorstep! Eventually, I just paid for the ‘Cash on Delivery’ purchase, and I couldn’t believe how I couldn’t be any happier I did buy this!

First thing’s foremost, this product gave me the utmost result I wasn’t expecting in the first place.

You see, this ascorbic acid has a double-whitening effect due to the double-layered tablet it possesses. I’m not sure if this is a Chinese or Taiwanese product (because when you look at the packaging it has Chinese characters in it), but the main market of this brand and item are mostly celebrities from Taiwan and Malaysia.

I would love to insert an anchor text there, but everything on the website it leads me are in Chinese characters. I don’t even know which are the celebrities or models. LOL. I just based this statement on many articles, blog posts, even promotions.

vitamin c whitening

Back part packaging of BHK’s Vitamin C in Chinese characters

According to many, this product can help sustain your energy alongside providing you with an enhanced whitening effect. Experts in the medical field say Vitamin Cs can help boost whitening. Since this is a double-layered tablet that helps your body to absorb the vitamin effectively, whitening is guaranteed faster than normal Vitamin Cs.

This product also forms collagen for skin elasticity, promote iron absorption for a rosy cheek effect, has curcumin that serves as an energy-booster, minerals that maintain complete membrane, and high Vitamin C that helps wound recovery.

So far, my results using this product were good compared to how damaged my skin was when I hadn’t applied sunblock during my island trip two months ago.

Me after getting sunburned. Lol.

I have to admit I was actually pretty scared to buy this product due to most people’s stereotype about Chinese products being fake, but so far, it works for me. Just beware of the fake ones.

If you want to try and test this product too, you can go grab it here.

Overall, I can say that using these products helped me achieve my original skin color back in just 3-4 weeks. Just don’t overdo it, because there are harmful effects that can be acquired if you take too much.

I’ll just discuss that on my next article.

Me in June 2018

Me now (September 2018)

For now, if you want to have a fair-looking skin without looking dull, I recommend these Top 3 products for your own use. So far, I’m doing well with mine, as I’ve been using it for about two months now since July 2018.

I couldn’t be any more satisfied!



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FAIRY SKIN DERMA FACIAL SET: A Review and Guide on How To Properly Apply The Facial Set

Achieve a radiant and Korean-like skin. Find out how you can properly use Fairy Skin Derma Facial Set without hurting yourself.