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Hi! It’s me again.?

Apart from blogging for fun, I also have this sort of “sideline” I used to freelance on in college. I do thesis editing and freelance essay & creative writing for a very affordable price!

My experiences in thesis editing and essay writing started in 2014. Funny story, I only posted a random Facebook post for fun saying,

“Everyone seems so upset about our new ‘Essay and Essay Writing’ class. Want me to write for you at only P50 ($1) per essay instead? I’d love to have a new income generating hobby. Who’s in? ?”

Guess what? Many people hopped into that, and my first freelanced essay was about Disaster Risk Reduction! Lol. They didn’t even bother considering my post as a joke! Lol. ?

That was the very moment Essay and Essay Writing Classes were held along with our major (and minor) subjects, in major demanding projects! Most students in my school hated it because admittedly, not everyone can write, and aside from having a bunch of college tests, projects, and reports to finish, they knew to focus on that “minor subject” would come as a major hassle.

Many students across all college (in our university) contacted me for it. I was… I don’t know, overwhelmed? ? Thankfully, writing and researching are one of the things I love doing. So despite my daily school errands, part-time job at a local fast food chain, and my solo community thesis project, I was able to juggle it along.

I’ve had clients from the College of Nursing, Social Work, Philosophy, English, and more, even handled papers from professionals who took their Masters degrees. Although the work was tough because I was one year away from being a graduating student too back then, I was able to help them pass their research subjects and school requirements. What made me really happy is that they’re all licensed professionals in all of their chosen fields now. Yay!

I also thank them a whole lot too because I literally have learned many things! From medicine to social science, even literature, it really was one hell of an experience! The sleepless nights were worth it. We’re a win-win. ?

Earlier in 2017, after I vacated my previous job in the eCommerce department as a content writer in a big telecommunication company in the Philippines, and before I was hired as Marketing Associate in a translation and interpretation company that also offers editing services, I signed up for the same job description (content writing) at Upwork where I freelanced and/or wrote articles for international clients ranging from medical verticals to cosmetics and advertising.

In 2018, after I vacated my fifth job as Marketing Officer in yet another big, giant company in the Philippines, I focused on editing, writing, and blogging for my blog and eCommerce site, The Hobbyist Post. Since then, I aspired to keep enhancing this hard skill, while focusing on my passion that is blogging.

I would be bragging if I tell you I’m an expert at editing and writing – which I’m not in all honesty – but I’m here to help you out using all of my experiences in grammar, styles & citations, formatting, case studies, academic theses, and more at the cheapest price possible!

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